My Story

I’ve been thinking of writing my story – an autobiography I suppose. Partly because some people have expressed interest in some parts of it, partly for my own trip down memory lane – and maybe partly in case the children ever want to have access to some of my memories, if only the ones concerning them.

I very much doubt it will be of much interest to the majority. I doubt even more, that any of it is a secret. However, in the interests of a LITTLE control of who views it, I’m going to password protect it with a specially designated password just for the posts that will make up” my story”. I am happy to give the password to my family and friends (both “live” and “virtual”) so please feel free to ask me for it – but respect my right to decline if I choose. The only thing I ask is that you don’t pass on the password, nor any content – it’s for me to decide whom I wish to see my story.

I shall write these individual posts in random order and timing – just as and when I feel the desire, so they won’t be in a neat chronological order. However, I will leave this explanatory post as the first post and will list the posts with links in the proper order as I write them. I will also make little attempt to write as any of my English teachers would have taught – I warn you, it will be reminiscent waffle, words spilling as they will.

If you’ve played a part in my life, you may well find yourself appearing in my story, so please accept that I will not intentionally offend anyone but that I can only post from my own perspective. Neither will I give my password to anyone that I don’t trust to see whatever I happen to write. However, as with any autobiography, even my own humble one – read at your own risk 😉

My Mum.
A Good Girl Guide (1979 – 1982)
Marriage break-up (Dec 1996)
Single Parenthood (1997 – 2003)
Meeting Billy (2002 – now)
Old Photos (Parents/Grandparents.)
My God (My religious beliefs)
City v Gillingham 1999 (Dad)

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