My Husband, the Hero

Having been my hero on Saturday morning getting my car going so that Cinders could go to the Ball, Billy continued in the same vein when I returned home. He had been playing cricket across the road all day and invited me to join him for a drink so feeling in need of a drink (or two) I wandered over. (In my City shirt still, because being City and not United, I don’t go into hiding when we lose! 😛 ) Billy met me at the door with a drink in hand, having spotted me walking over from the window. He hadn’t had the best of days at cricket either so we sat and commiserated with each other and chatted to his team mates. As everyone started going home, Billy said he hadn’t eaten and fancied a curry and asked if I’d care to join him. I was starving but am trying to eat healthily (and somehow managed it despite my rotten day!) so I compromised and had just an Aloo Gobi and naan. YUMMY! It really hit the spot and snuggling up for cuddles at bedtime with my wonderful husband helped me forget the day and settle into blissful sleep.

On Sunday morning, Billy insisted on reformatting his lap top for me (I did ask why it needed to be reformatted and teased him that it must be to remove his erm – male interest – websites and files 😉 ) I told him there was no need to give me his computer but he said that I use a PC far more than he does and that he wanted to do this for me. So I accepted gracefully (and gratefully) and am now back online again thanks to his generosity.

We also managed to go to the tip and take the sofa (at last) which Billy and Raji had broken into manageable chunks so that the garden is clear ready for its spring tidy-up and planting. (Heaven knows when I’ll get time for that, but at least the sofa won’t hold me up now!) I then did the ironing before settling down to personalise the laptop (thank goodness I had a recent back up of all my settings and files, having just tried reviving the old PC by reformatting!)

Billy was brilliant this weekend, keeping me relatively sane, finding solutions, helping me out, and it was so good to have someone on whom to lean when I needed it. Thank you My Hero 🙂


  1. Yes Anji,,,that’s Billy, forever the gentleman (when he wants to be) . He sorted me out (sight test), yesterday. Very professional examination, I have to say. Big thank you to him. I didn’t realise until yesterday, how I miss him, and the girls. Love to you both. x

  2. Bless him – it’s obviously why we love him so much 🙂


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