Musings of a gym bunny.

It’s now been 3 months since I started going to the gym regularly and I have stuck to my routine of going before work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday 🙂

My workout has increased a little, though I don’t feel the need to continually push myself to the limit. I stick at a level of exercise until I start finding it comfortable and then when it feels quite easy, I increase the level slightly. Even-so, I wouldn’t say my workout is arduous but it IS enough to get my heart and lungs working (I generally maintain a heart rate of 145 during my cardiovascular workout) and get my muscles moving a bit. Currently I do:

• Bike: Level 2 warm-up for 2 mins; Level 3 for 8 mins varying the speed between 65-90 rpm (I confess, I like the bike least)
• Rower: Resistance 8, for 5 mins at 32 strokes/min (I enjoy this, close my eyes, and get in to a rhythm)
• Treadmill: Incline 7 (out of 14) at speed 6 (fast walk) for 10 minutes, work level 6 (out of 10) followed by a 3 minute gradual cool down to get my heart rate down to 110 (I quite like striding along at a steady pace, listening to my music, on this) I don’t like running on the treadmill and see no reason to do so since the incline gives me a better workout and I can feel that my leg and bottom muscles get worked hard.

Then I do the weight machines at a very low intensity – I don’t want to develop bulging muscles! 😉 My favourites are the two hip abductor/adductor machines and I like to do these straight after the cardio part of my routine to stretch my leg muscles out. I then do a quick whiz round exercising my abdominals and a little for my arms – but my arms really don’t have much strength at all so I generally have to use the minimum possible weights – it makes me laugh when I follow one particular man round the equipment as I reduce the weight from 80Kg to my measly 5Kg! 😀

Another thing that makes me laugh (how appropriate since laughter is supposed to be excellent exercise) is overhearing the men in their changing room/shower as their voices carry very easily into the ladies’ changing room/shower. Some of what I overhear isn’t repeatable, some is rather sweet – I don’t think the men realise how clearly they can be heard 😀

One thing that baffles me is how few women (can’t speak for the men) that take a shower after their workouts! I always shower after exercising, but am one of only a handful that seem to do so – yet I see women dress for work after their gym session without having a shower! Yeugh!

One thing that has amazed me is the lady who was running on the treadmill next to me a few weeks ago who told me she’d injured her back a few months previously and had been told she’d never walk again!

One thing that’s intrigued me is the size of the person who leaves the bike on seat height 10! I have an inside leg of 31″ and have the seat on height 4. This person must be a giant and I have yet to see one of those in the gym. 😉

One thing that’s pleased me recently has been trying out the hairdresser that has taken over the room where I had my clinic. (Now called “The Room” ) She does a wet cut for £18 and as I have long, straight hair which I only have cut once a year or less, and don’t need to style, this sounded good to me. I did my workout then had a shower and washed my hair before having her cut it. It irritates me with hairdressers when they faff snipping a snip here and a snip there taking an hour to take off 1cm of hair and charge £40+ for the pain. So I was delighted when this took 15 minutes and the cutting was done confidently and efficiently. You never know, I might be persuaded to go back in less than a year… 😉

One thing that’s lethal is getting chatting! To other gym bunnies, or to the staff – I end up running late getting out of there, but of course I do enjoy the friendship and sociable aspects of going to a gym rather than working out alone.

So, aside from firmer muscles (especially my legs), cardiovascular health, and stress-busting benefits, I get inspiration, food for thought, friendship, a laugh or two and more from my gym attendance 🙂

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