Mum, Mojitos and Mmmm.

When I arrived at mum’s after the match on Saturday, all fed up, damp and weary, she greeted me with a cuddle and sent me up to change and get comfortable whilst she prepared a new drink for us to try. When I came back downstairs, feeling better already, we sat and sampled a vodka mojito each – she had even crushed the ice and added fresh mint leaves. I loved it and could taste the mint and the lime, making it a refreshing drink with a lovely flavour. (I give it 10/10 in fact.) It does seem to evaporate fast though, as by the end of the evening the whole bottle had mysteriously disappeared! 😉 Between the drink, a hot, tasty dinner of braised steak with a rich gravy, and mum’s company, I felt much more relaxed by bedtime.

On Sunday we picked apples from mum’s tree (with me trying desperately to avoid any critters roaming around amongst them) but we needed someone taller than us to reach those left higher up. Maybe we can persuade Billy to get some of them when we go down on my birthday. We also went shopping and as ever, I was very good at helping mum spend money 😛 We went into B&Q so she could look for one thing (which they didn’t have) and ended up buying something entirely different. Ooops! Still, it IS something she needs and would have had to buy at some point. ( That’s my defence and I’m sticking to it!) After that, mum treated me to coffee and a little something to keep us going, before we went to the supermarket.

We had a light lunch of gammon, new potatoes and salad, followed by home-grown/home-made apple crumble – at least it would have been a light lunch if only we’d had about half the portion! 🙂 I was so stuffed I didn’t need to eat another meal all day.

By the time I left for home at around 4pm, I felt more mellow and as though I’d had a day’s holiday. Thank you Mum. Again. 🙂

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