Mum and I tend to stay in touch by text most days and on Thursday night she sent one saying that Muffin (her beautiful cat) was off his food and not well and that she would take him to the vet in the morning if he was no better. She did this before work on Friday and he was diagnosed with laryngitis and perhaps a hair ball which he needed to cough up. He was given a pain killing injection and something to help with any hairball, and should be feeling better by evening. Mum returned home from work to find that he wasn’t and decided she would take him back to the vet next morning.

On Saturday morning she was up at 6am, having worried about him. He usually slept on mum’s bed at night, but hadn’t this time, so she hunted around for him and found him under the dining table. He had passed away sometime not long before – mum’s little boy was gone.

WHAT A SHOCK! He was a beautiful cat, still in his prime at 12 years old and this was completely out of the blue.

Mum took him to the vet’s surgery and arranged for him to be cremated. They were very helpful and sympathetic, though the vet didn’t know what happened and could only guess that maybe his heart was weak and given out.

When mum and dad’s previous cat, Tiddles, died of old age, mum wanted to wait a little before getting another cat, but dad was keen to have one straight away. One day when mum was at work, he went and got Muffin from the cat rescue centre and mum came home to be presented with a fait au complait. Muffin was already named, and though he was a gorgeous bundle of long black fluffy fur, he didn’t appear to know how to be a cat! He didn’t eat cat food, didn’t purr or mieow and he didn’t play. (He hadn’t been ill treated and wasn’t scared – just didn’t know how.) Mum and dad learned he liked a diet of boiled fish and rice, and a regular supply of cat biscuits, and he soon settled in. He was very loving, gentle and sweet natured, and with dad being at home most of the time, he became a real daddy’s boy. When dad died in 2003, Muffin was lost for a while, and then he got even closer to mum and became hers. They have helped each other through losing dad, been there to welcome the other home after a day’s work or adventure, and enjoyed the usual love, affection and close bond enjoyed by pets and owners.

Now all of a sudden, Muffin isn’t there and Mum is naturally devastated. Everyone that knew him loved him. I can’t believe he’s gone, and have shed a few tears for him. He was such a soft, gentle giant and so set in his little furry ways.

I like to think he’s in heaven, reunited with dad, but we will miss him – and of course I am upset for mum who will miss him most of all. I think Mum plans to scatter his ashes in his favourite spot in the garden, and hopefully it will be when I am visiting next so that we can have a little ceremony.

A Fuzz of fur, with eyes!

A couple of weeks ago when he pulled a mat into the sunshine to sleep!


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