More winning ways and ManUre get another thrashing!

After the unlikely win against Hull the other week and then a lucky draw away at Stoke where we continued to look poor, I wasn’t too confident going in to the derby. Okay, we’d had a great win with beautiful attacking football away at Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League but I worried that this would have the effect of leaving the players too burned out to perform. Nevertheless I eagerly looked forward to the game and got there nice and early.

What a fantastic afternoon it turned out to be! The sunshine was glorious and it was hot enough to need no jumper or coat. The stadium was packed – though I confess I did get a bit irritated with the tourist-types who were sitting in my area and who seemed to think they could just sit where they pleased, wander around throughout the game and so on. I was pleased with the starting lineup and was delighted that from the very beginning of this match, City looked up for it.

Who’d have believed what happened next? We totally and utterly out-played them on every inch of the pitch! This was the City we all love to watch and it was all so ridiculously easy! Just watch the highlights to see just how mouth-watering the football from City was.

We were 1-0 up as half time approached and one of my season ticket neighbours muttered encouragement and asked for another before the break. Wish granted! 😀 I nipped to the loo during half time and everyone was celebrating in the concourses – this is unheard of! We’re City. We KNOW that 2-0 up with another 45 to play means anything can happen still! I’ve never seen our fans partying like this in anticipation! People were jumping up and down, cuddling each other, singing and grinning. It was pretty infectious even for those of us that weren’t quite convinced yet.

So on to the second half then and I expected more from the visitors who must have had a blistering half time talk………. or not! They carried on as they left off, and so did we – goal number 3 ….. And 5 minutes later, number 4! 😀

We could have had more and home fans were very happy to be singing “It should have been 5To be fair, for the first time ever that I can recall, a section of the visiting fans did actually continue singing and supporting their team even at 4-0 down. These were definitely not the usual breed of ManUre fans who have always been very arrogant and silently superior in the past. City fans ironically cheered with them at Rooney’s consolation goal (and it WAS a good free kick, galling though it was!)

What a brilliant team effort with everyone playing their part so that picking a MotM was very hard, but I settled on Navas myself. All our new boys look fantastic and seem to be fitting in nicely with our other creative players. Lovely to see.

So by the end of the match I had a blistered hand from clapping, a hoarse throat from cheering and a nice bruise on my leg from jumping up ……. but I was very happy 🙂 I had a wonderfully relaxed drive home and although dead on my feet by the time I finally got there at almost 10.30pm, I was still smiling.

ManUre – MCFC’s 60-second highlights here
ManUre – MCFC’s Extended highlights here
ManUre – Kippax Blue’s photos here

I couldn’t get a stream for the Cup game against Wigan but I did listen to the commentary online courtesy of BBC Radio Manchester and my favourite match commentator, Ian Cheeseman, and it seemed like we just picked up from the end of the last game – despite the fact it was a different set of players 🙂 5-0 and we were through to the next round which will be a divorce derby – away to Newcastle! Still, at least I can hopefully get there even on a school night 🙂

Wigan – MCFC’s 60-second highlights here
Wigan – MCFC’s Extended highlights here
Wigan – Kippax Blue’s photos here

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