Lovely Laptop.

My new laptop arrived in time for me to spend the weekend playing 🙂

I showed it to Stephen before playing and he looked at the specs and was impressed (it’s one of these, but in silver) so I was pleased. I was even more happy when it came to setting it up with my settings and preferences – SO easy! I did have to create my own back-up discs before starting but it was no problem to do that. I now have a super smooth computer that I can use in other rooms in the house if I want (might be nice to sit in the living room in front of the fire on occasion over winter 🙂 ) and I can watch videos again – my old PC got so bad that I couldn’t which was annoying as I like to watch the CityTV videos. There are also installed programmes and gizmos that I have yet to explore which will be fun. The one thing I UNinstalled immediately was McAffee which I HATE – and I installed my favourite security software instead.

One thing that has always put me off with laptops is the finger-mousepad – I absolutely hate the things, but mum gave me a little laptop mouse that’s perfect 🙂

Never having had a laptop before, I looked online to see how I should care for it and found some pointers here, the most useful to me being not using it on a soft surface such as a lap or bed, and keeping it well ventilated to prevent overheating. On another site (currently unavailable for some reason) I also read that it should remain plugged in as much as possible, and to try to only allow shallow battery drainage, with the very, very occasional application of a full battery drainage to maintain battery life. I also bought – for the princely sum of £1 – a folding stand which sets the laptop at a very slight angle (maybe 15 degrees) to allow air circulation underneath to keep it cool, and it works a treat.

Now I just need to get the last of my documents and files from the old PC, activate Office and then we can reformat the old one to keep as an emergency spare.

I love having a NEW toy, and I love the toy itself 🙂


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