Led Astray (Darts)

On the Friday (after I’d caught up slightly on my sleep) we were playing away at The Sun Inn – the league leaders – having had a week off last week, and I’d missed the previous week through illness. Billy was away in Norwich for Newcastle’s game and Claire & Simon were away, so Raji stood in for Billy and we all got a taxi to Acomb.

The random order was: Me; Graham; Senior; Raji; Paul; Junior and as we warmed up we noticed that the board was on a wall at a slight angle, the ockey was straight but the floor also sloped – this was going to be interesting! We expected to get trounced.

The first game (Graham, Senior and me) was bizarre! We couldn’t find our throw and were not playing that well at all – the other team were very strong and were well ahead. We’d just got down to being on a finish and they were after 5, having split their doubles, and then they won by getting the x1 after a previous player had hit the 3 and we shook hands and congratulated them. However, their scorer (and captain!) had other ideas and absolutely insisted that as far as he was concerned they’d missed the 3 before so that the x1 didn’t count. Even our team stood in support of the other team’s clear win but the scorer was adamant that they still required the 3 and the game had to go on. We were bemused but complied when the home team did, and the game continued. Senior threw next leaving us x10 and then the home team missed – I got the x10 with my first dart to give us the win. We shook hands ruefully with the opposition team knowing they’d been robbed. I’ve never known anything like that to happen before and we felt rather guilty for the win.

We then lost the other trebles and mine and Graham’s double – though we threw well and were pleased at making it a closer game than expected. Senior and Raji did likewise, but Junior and Paul won theirs to make it 2-3.

In the singles I threw really well – nice and steady and consistent and my (very strong) opponent was feeling the pressure (nice man, we’d already laughed because for each of our “nearest the bull” throws, he’d thrown first and I’d put my dart in almost exactly the same spot) but just as I got to a double, he pipped me to it to take the game. His reaction was “Phew!” 🙂

Raji was equally unlucky to be beaten but the rest all won their singles (Senior in emphatic style) and somehow we’d managed a score of a 6-5 loss to the league leaders – an amazing achievement we felt and were very pleased.

The taxi came to take us back but I was in the mood to relax and enjoy being with friends so decided to go with them back to Havanna for another drink, having consulted Raji first since he’d been lumbered with being my escort for the night. I then had a dilemma – they had no Smirnoff (I can only drink the decent, triple distilled, vodkas (Smirnoff, Vladivar etc.)) and I don’t like mixing drinks so didn’t want wine. Then Paul suggested lager which sounded good – giving me another choice, which one? They had Fosters (don’t like, too sweet and light), Carling (not bad) or Stella 4%. I like Stella but hadn’t had 4% so Paul got the barman to pour me a drop to taste, and I liked it enough to have a half of that. All these decisions to make!

We then proceeded to have a really nice night, everyone was relaxed and enjoyed it. I sent Billy a text saying that I’d been led astray and he replied “Isn’t that my line?” (which it is, and why I’d sent it 😀 ) I commented to Paul that actually I hadn’t taken any leading really and he said that was funny because neither did Billy 😛 Somehow Roger Junior began making bets with everyone – it started when he and Raji had a bet to see which of them could get the first yellow card at football when they played on Sunday morning (they play right back and left back) Then he bet Graham he could beat his time running a local route (the route getting longer and more challenging by the minute 😉 ) His bet with Senior was finishing first at darts 101 with two darts – a bet Junior was unlikely to win. It was suggested he could bet Paul that he could drink him under the table but he said he’d just have to pay up as there was no way he could do that! All evening we pondered what he and I could do and eventually it came to me – air hockey! Goodness knows when we’ll manage it as I don’t even know where there is an air hockey table apart from the Metrocentre, but it’s a date when we find one. Of course, in all the silliness, we never got round to setting the stakes…….

So after a few weeks of missing darts I thoroughly enjoyed the night and the company of good friends and didn’t get to bed until 1 am! Billy was proud of me when I told him 😀

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