Last darts before Christmas

On Friday evening, we were back in Acomb, but at The Miners this time. The Miners is a lovely traditional pub with an open fire and two friendly dogs wandering round greeting everyone, and the darts team are a very pleasant bunch so although we were likely to lose this cup game, we were relaxed and smiling.

Senior and Graham were away this week, and our random order was: Claire; Me; Simon; Junior; Billy; Paul.

We lost the first trebles miserably and were trailing 200 behind, and lost the second also. Claire and I came close with our doubles and could/should have won but seemed unable to hit our target when we got to a finish. Junior and Simon played really well and won theirs with a lovely xT finish by Simon, and Billy and Paul came from miles behind to win with x1 !

Down to the singles then, and Claire had been throwing well when her opponent suddenly came from behind with a couple of high scoring throws and went on to win. I threw steadily and well, hitting the treble 20 consistently whilst my opponent seemed to throw fairly randomly yet scoring high – I was disappointed to be pipped to the win in the end. Simon had a good game, but also lost. Junior had a very fast game (about 21 darts!) and won convincingly but Billy was narrowly beaten after doing well.Though it was a cup game and we had already lost a while back, (cups = first to win 6) Paul got a win just to give us a lift at the end and making it 7-4.

We enjoyed some tasty finger food and chatting with the home team whilst waiting for the taxi back to Hexham but Billy, Raji (who had come to watch/support) and I cried off a repeat of last week and went straight home to bed.


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