Kwik-fit and quick change.

On Tuesday morning, whilst mum was packing, ready to return home, I took the car to Kwik-fit >as we suspected the noise we’d heard was the exhaust. I left it with them, along with my contact details, and prayed they could sort it out for me ready for the weekend.

I then walked to the train station with mum and saw her on her way, and returned home briefly, before going to my clinic to see a patient. Kwik-fit called and said that the problem was indeed the exhaust, that the back and middle sections needed replacing, and that it’d cost me £189. Eeek, but I need my car, so I asked them to go ahead.

After seeing my patient, I went for a much needed hair cut – my fringe has been irritating me for a while, and I’d actually been good and booked an appointment instead of attempting to hack it out of my eyes myself. Jo, the hairdresser, is so used to me only getting my hair trimmed about once every 3 months (the beauty of having long straight hair is that the neglect is less obvious! 😉 ) She was bowled over that I’d gone in again, after only 2 months 😀

I went and collected my car in the evening, all done, and sounding MUCH healthier. Once again, Kwik-fit had come to our rescue (it was Raji’s car on Christmas Eve last time, if you recall) and once again I was very impressed.

Just when I thought everything was sorted for the day, and I could relax, I received an e-mail from the school, saying that the options Laura had chosen for her GCSE’s, could not be fitted into the timetable and she’d have to drop ICT and choose something else. Grrrrr! This is apparently uncommon, and yet it’s happened to both my children, AND it was ICT that was the problem both times! I was given a list of the time-table blocks, and Laura had to choose from: Horticulture; Catering; Health & Social Care; Performing Arts; Engineering; Sports Science; Construction; German; Spanish; PE; History; Geography; French; Leisure & Tourism. Laura and I looked at it, and really the only possible subject for her to take, was history. Our concern with this was that her options wouldn’t then fit into the initial criteria given way back when first choosing. She would have 2 humanities, 2 arts, and nothing in the language or technical groups. Fortunately, when I mentioned this to the teacher who’d mailed me, it was not a problem. So, Laura is now doing: Art, Graphics, R.E and History. Hopefully, she can pick up ICT again later in her education. The downside to taking history is that apparently there are a lot of planned trips involved and Laura flatly refuses to do overnight trips with school anymore. I don’t blame her – they never do cater properly for her special diet and she ends up feeling hungry and miserable. I’m sure we can find a way for her stay behind, and even if they base all the course work on the trips, the course work is only 25% of the GCSE.


  1. I always have nightmares at KwikFit. Glad you have found them ok! Our local one is atrocious.


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