Just another manic Wednesday.

Wednesday was very, very busy as not only am I working all week at the hospital this week (covering Lee’s last week of this holiday), but also it is the first week of the new term of lunchtime meetings at the hospital.

So, in the morning, I did the laundry,printed some documents, and gathered some things I needed at my clinic later, and then went to do the shopping. As I only had time to go to Hexham rather than Kingston park, I didn’t do brilliantly, but I think we’ll be OK for the week. As usual, I went to Waitrose first as they do more gluten and dairy free foods for Laura, and then I went to Tesco (have I ever told you how much a dislike the Hexham Tesco? Awful layout, terribly restricted range and cramped aisles.) As well as buying the normal supplies, I had to buy a new hoover too as Mrs Gem had said that the current one was melting! (Literally! And could I find the receipt so I could get a refund? Nope!) Determined not to buy that model again, I looked to see what they had, and found one I like in the reduced section – an ex display model – so I was rather pleased (I actually think I may have inadvertantly got more of a bargain than I was meant to, as well.)  I then went home and hastily unpacked, wolfed down a quick lunch, and set off for the meeting at the hospital.

Before the meeting though, I went and delivered an urgent item to one of the wards as a patient needed it as soon as possible. Naturally, I received no thanks for making that effort on my day off. In fact, the Trust has taken it’s wanting a pound of flesh (and some!) a stage further now and all part time staff have had a letter sent to them at home, requiring them to choose whether to work more hours a week or lose a percentage of pay (and therefore pension) as they alter the full time working week to 37.5 hours! I have to work an extra 13 minutes a week! Considering I take none of my paid breaks, have a 10 minute lunch at my desk, get in early/work late/ go in on days off, as needed, I’d say I already cover it!

After learning a few new things about aortic aneurysms, I went to my clinic and had a busy afternoon seeing patients, making up prescription, and doing some preparation for Anthea, the new practitioner who was starting at my clinic the next day. She is lovely and I think she will be an asset to the practice. She is currently a Bi-Aura practitioner, but has also just sat her final exams in Nutrition. She is an ex GP, and she has a lovely calm, friendly manner so I hope that she will do really well here.

At the end of my clinic, Billy came to meet me, and he was very proud of himself, because he had bought Paul a NICE birthday card! He handed it to me and it was indeed a nice one, with cute little kittens. Now Billy ALWAYS buys Paul a comic card and so I was amazed. Earlier in the month he’d insisted I leave him to buy Paul’s birthday present and card as I’d just get something “nice” ! After showing me the card, Billy produced the REAL one! A jokey one, and said he’d be giving that to Paul but he’d bought a nice one for me to give him, as I was a NICE person 😀 We then decided to go and wish the man himself a happy birthday in person, so we went and met him at his shop and then went for “a quick” birthday drink! Yes, you guessed! It turned out to be 3 not-so-quick birthday drinks! Very nice though. (By the way, Billy did buy Paul some books and CD’s as well as the silly card.)

We were talking about our lager and marks out of ten, so Paul asked if I’d ever drunk Newcastle Brown Ale. I hadn’t so I had a sip of his – now that is very drinkable, and I gave it a 7.

After giving the birthday boy his birthday cuddle and wishes for an enjoyable evening, Billy arranged to see him later for more drinks (I’d be tucked up in bed by then), and then my lovely husband took me to dinner.

He is away for the weekend, watching the Rugby World Cup in France (England v Samoa) so he decided to treat me to a nice meal before he went on Thursday. We went to the newly taken-over Zubraj restaurant which does South and Indian cuisine and it was delicious. We both tried things we hadn’t had before, and it was all lovely. Very reasonably priced too. We both appreciated relaxing time together for once, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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