Jubilee Mood

On Friday at work, we had a little Jubilee tea party to get us in the mood for the long bank holiday weekend. We each took one food item on the theme of the Jubilee – Coronation chicken pies; a red and white salad/veg dish; Victoria sponge; etc. We had a Union flag table cloth and one of the girls brought in a little girl’s dressing up tiara and accessories each (it wasn’t me this time and our fairy godmother came clean later on 😉 ) I wore red, white and blue and painted my nails in the same colours and we had a very nice little interlude toasting the photo of the Queen, having a laugh and a tasty lunch. The poor consultants who risked sidling past us into their offices didn’t stay long before deciding they were best leaving us to it – though they were invited to join in. It broke up a very busy day for us all and helped us through. 🙂

Then on Sunday, we had another Jubilee party to attend. Our friend Graham had won the local Iceland store’s Jubilee party with all food and decorations provided. The day before, the food was farmed out to us for cooking – though I was only expecting a couple of boxes of food to prepare, not 3 carrier-bags full and we had one of the least amounts to do! Billy managed to get it all cooked on Sunday morning and at 3pm he, Raji and I went up to the Studio bar with the food, laid it out with the rest (enough to feed an army!) and then settled for the afternoon. Once again I was wearing red, white and blue and I’d added dad’s regimental pin for good measure 🙂

Our host:

Roger Junior and Steph brought up their new baby boy, Marc, who was born 5 weeks early weighing 4lbs 15oz and had been let out of hospital just the day before. He rather stole the show and (almost) everyone was queuing up for cuddles – when they could get a look in when grandma Joyce let him out of her arms for a minute 😀 Billy bravely asked for a cuddle and I love this photo of him holding Marc.

Senior decided, when he actually got a cuddle with his grandson, to lecture him on the evils of Newcastle – the first of many I suspect as poor little Marc’s paternal family are all Sunderland fans and his maternal family Newcastle fans 😀


The food and drink went down very nicely and the afternoon sped by chatting, playing and relaxing with our friends. There was a band booked for the evening and I had anticipated leaving around that point as I’m not fond of loud music. However, the band were quite good and the volume bearable and we were just enjoying ourselves so we stayed for the evening as well. With Studio being a sports bar, there were 3 TV screens up so there was cricket on one, tennis on another and then in the evening, I found myself enjoying watching the Queen’s pageant with half an eye which was good, even without sound.

Congratulations on 60 years Your Majesty, and thank you for giving us something to celebrate 🙂

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