Jill, master of all trades.

This last week has been absolutely jam packed with me frequently swapping hats and yet somehow, at the end of this frantic week, I am somehow still pretty much on top of everything – bar my blog of course!

My colleague was off this week so I worked four days instead of two, and in that four days, managed to do five days work. For once, when I go in on Monday morning, I will have a clear desk, everything will be up to date and ready to go. 🙂 We had a gorgeous rainbow for all of 2 minutes on Friday morning and I managed to grab my camera phone in time to snap it from my office window before the heavens REALLY opened and it was gone:

Rainbow over hospital

On Wednesday I had to cram in all the week’s clinic needs as well as the shopping and household jobs. This week I have filled in and returned all the forms and requirements for the F.A.C.T event at the Metrocentre on October 2nd where I will be offering free 10 minute consultations. The requirements are very strict including the need to have one’s stall manned at all timed 9am – 7pm, so I’ve roped in Billy as my glamorous assistant 😀 I also received confirmation that I am now listed in the NHS Complementary and Alternative Practitioner Directory and can use their logo on my website and literature. I’ve been waiting for a couple of months to find out if I would be accepted, though I felt I did meet their criteria, so am really pleased to finally have it confirmed. I even managed to get to the accountants and sign my tax return forms and pick up my accounts. A good day’s herbal work on top of the usual prescriptions and patients’ needs 🙂

Also on Wednesday, I did the shopping but of necessity, went to Iceland so they would deliver it for me. When I checked my receipt though, they had charged me twice for two items (a total overcharge of £5) so I went back to get a refund. Apparently their scanners are known to scan some things twice occasionally so they didn’t bat an eye! I shall be sure to always check my receipts carefully in future!

When I got home that evening, about 5.45pm, the shopping had to be unpacked, the washing machine loaded, and lunches made for the next day. Billy had done a poor job of being a house husband and having my dinner on the table each night 😉 so he cooked whilst I did the jobs. The next day was his first as a locum optician and he was VERY nervous! So I spent the evening helping him prepare, trying to calm him down and be a positive influence – not easy when you’re worn out after a long day and are not a night person at all! 😛

After a poor night’s sleep (both of us) I got up at around 5.15 am to see Billy off as he had to catch the very early train to get to where he was working for the next 2 days. He was still very nervous and I spent the day thinking about him and hoping it was going well. And of course, it DID. He had a successful day and could therefore relax a little that night, knowing what he was doing the next day.

On Thursday and Friday evenings I was literally too tired to think straight and could barely manage to check my e-mails, never mind keep up with anything else, so I hope to catch up over the coming week. Why is it that things always happen all at once?

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