It shouldn’t happen to a Herbalist

As you know, I am a qualified Medical Herbalist, having studied 1995-2001 and then practising for over 10 years, with my own clinic for 3 of them. You may recall that various governments have been blowing hot-and-cold over our Statutory Regulation which would protect our title and ensure we work to high standards.

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Well here we are, well past Spring 2012 – and 2013 for that matter! – and STILL no Statutory Regulation! So once again I had the dilemma of what to do about my professional membership. This year, even finding the money to register as a non-practising member was a tall order and to be honest, I didn’t feel I gained anything from this last year.

So, I have made the decision to discontinue practising as a Herbalist and therefore to quit my membership and I feel very let down by the government over the whole business of Statutory Regulation both financially and practically.

When I first qualified in 2001 the profession was putting everything in place in preparation for SR and as such, since that time, I have been paying an extra sum of money in my annual membership fee to help this process. Well here I am in 2013 having paid my money but still we have no SR! If and when the profession DOES finally get it, I’ll have paid for it all these years,but not had the benefit. I have also spent a lot of valuable time and energy doing my part in the campaigning, as have friends, family and patients.

I expect I was not alone in feeling, once I qualified after many years hard work, that the world was just waiting for me to wow it with the miracle of herbal remedies. However, the years have ground me down and though I still believe in the power of the herbs and have confidence in my own abilities as a good practitioner I simply cannot live on pipe-dreams and am having to work full time in paid employment to keep a roof over my family’s heads. I am disgusted with the governments and their bad handling of the SR process and have no faith that we’ll ever achieve it. So as well as my clinic, I’ve let my herbal web domain go too.

During my time practising I have worked very hard to cultivate good relations with the local medical profession and in an ironic twist, I recently gave a presentation to them at the post-grad education meeting at the hospital which seemed well received. At the end I was asked how they could refer patients to me! Do I laugh or cry I wonder…. ?

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