In the name of entertainment.

On Sunday Billy and I took a car load of rubbish to the tip – our usual once monthly occupation on a Sunday it seems! I’ve never known anyone who can produce as much rubbish as my family! Every time one (or more) of them decides to sort out their room(s), several black bags of rubbish are produced. Where DOES it come from? I wouldn’t be able to produce one full bag from mine!(And no, that doesn’t mean I’m a hoarder – I’m definitely not.)

After lunch, Laura and I went to the reptile shop and collected the new tank for her snails, and a lovely piece of dark (sterilised) drift wood on which they can climb, and a ceramic water dish which is heavy weight and shallow so they can safely bathe in it. We then went and got a bag of organic compost from the garden centre and when we got home, Laura moved the snails into their new penthouse suite! They LOVED it! They particularly seemed to like their log and spent hours studying it. I swear they are growing every day now, and they are huge.

Monday and Tuesday were routine days at the hospital, but as Billy and I haven’t had much quality time together lately, we decided to go to the cinema and for a meal on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately the films and times of films weren’t much good to us, so instead, we decided to hire a DVD and have an Indian takeaway. We went to the DVD shop together and chose “Soldier of God” as it looked quite good, and we settled to watch it after eating our curry (we were both like beached whales, having eaten too much!) This film was the weirdest film I’ve seen, I think. We couldn’t make head nor tail of the point of it. It had no beginning, middle and end – instead, it was all “middle”. We had no idea WHY things happened as they did (and we’ve both got an idea of the historical events of the time), and all in all, it was very unsatisfying. We kept going round in circles discussing it, for the rest of the evening, and even after we’d gone to bed.

Anyway, we then sat and watched the second half of the Liverpool v Chelsea Champions League match. WHAT a game! I really wanted Liverpool to win it, and though Billy doesn’t like either team, he reluctantly conceded that Liverpool deserved it more for the way they were playing. By the time it went to penalties (which we felt was what Chelsea had played for) I was convinced Chelsea would get a jammy win. It was fantastic when Liverpool did it – and so convincingly too. Well done Liverpool! They deserved it on the night, they deserved it because of all Mourinho’s snide remarks leading up to it, and it’s good to have someone ELSE, besides the two usual suspects, up for a cup. I would like to see Liverpool take the Champs League title, and one of Chelsea or Man Utd take the FA Cup and the other take the league title – why should any one team have it all their own way? Though, as I’ve said before, as a football purist, I acknowledge that Utd do play some superb football (which Chelsea most assuredly do NOT) and therefore are more worthy winners of the title in my opinion.

On a light note – the commentators for this game had us in stitches with their variations of pronounciation of names! Drogba was “Drogbarrr” and Mourinho was “MourOhno” Quote of the night, for me, was (referring to Drogba (sorry, Drogbarrr)) “He has the pain threshold of a lamb” 😀

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