I’m a Specialist!

I know I’m behind with my blogging and don’t worry, I’ll catch up, but I just had to stick this post on TODAY!

Today I have passed my Microsoft Office Specialist Excel exam – rather against my expectations – and I am over the moon.

It took several weeks to complete the course and then the exam was quite hard and I had to bluff a couple of questions,(financial formulae are where I struggle most) but I got a decent mark and passed. It feels like such an achievement – and let’s not forget to mention that I get a certificate and a little shiny MOS badge 🙂

I’m feeling very pleased with myself today and I’m pleased for my manager too, who encouraged me to do it and has covered clinics for me so I could do the work.

Working on Word now.


  1. Hope you awarded yourself that CDM in the guise of a VAL!
    You deserve it!

  2. Thank you. I did indeed. I’ll take a VAL over a CDM everytime (must be my father’s daughter!) 🙂

  3. I’m impressed and I want your manager!

  4. Thank you. As with everyone, my manager has her strengths and weaknesses but she has pushed the boat out to make sure I have had the chance to do this course.


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