Hints of Spring

At last, there are definitely signs of spring creeping in – that indefinable “something” in the air that is neither smell, temperature nor look; the cats perking up and being slightly more active; birds singing in the mornings; bits of greenery appearing; and for me, the urge to DO things. 🙂

This week I’ve been really productive generally, and then on Thursday I suddenly decided to get the garden tidied up in readiness for whatever summer we might get this year. As with most people, the early snow last winter stopped me giving the garden its winter tidy (in fact the chrysanthemums had only just fully bloomed when the snow killed them off!) so it was badly in need. Added to the usual dead foliage, autumn leaves and general mud and muck splattered by the rain, was all the stuff that had been blocking the gutter – lumps of moss, earth, grit, broken tiles, and even the odd sapling! I threw the rubbish (and Stephen helped me to take it all to the tip along with the latest accumulation of house rubbish and glass for recycling), refreshed the compost in the pots, sowed some seeds and rearranged the pots. Finally, I gave the concrete an initial rough going over with the jet washer as there were 2 years worth of moss and muck to shift. It made quite a lot of difference but it needs doing another couple of times I think. Billy has said he will do this, which would be nice, as I do find it quite hard work.

The sunshine continued on Friday so I did something else I haven’t done for a couple of years – washed my car! I also gave it a hoover inside which I haven’t actually done before. I tend to keep the car generally tidy but other than that, I don’t worry. I then scrubbed the bathroom, went and retrieved a few bits from the loft, which took some hunting down and rummaging in the dust.

My nails, by the end of all these activities, were filthy and have had to be soaked in the bath to clean them up, and will require some attention tonight to make them respectable for work tomorrow.

I absolutely love this time of year and am starting to come alive again. I think this year, it’s been helped along by the blissful warmth of my new office, so I’ve shed the layers and am wearing lighter clothing, which adds to the springy feeling.

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