Herbs too!

Not content with veg, I harvested some of my herbs from the garden too. I want to dry them so tied them in bunches and then had to get Billy to hang them from the light-tracks to dry as I wasn’t tall enough. I picked some Feverfew, Chives, Lavender and Sage. (The sage is going to be used for the stuffing on Christmas Day 🙂 )

Herbs harvested from garden
Chives and Feverfew
Sage and Lavender


  1. […] this week it was pineapple, peaches and strawberries. Then I decided to do something with the herbs I’d previously collected and dried so the chives were simply cut and put in a tub, the lavender rough chopped in a coffee grinder and […]

  2. […] well as a goulash for dinner that evening. I also made the stuffing for Christmas dinner, using the homegrown sage harvested earlier in the year. During the week or so before Christmas, the whole family had been […]

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