Herbal balance.

As you know, I scaled down my herbal activities when I gave up my clinic in December and think I did so just in time. I wanted to see what the government decided about the future of the profession before working out what to do in April when it became time for the annual dilemma about renewing insurances and professional membership.

The government DID commit to Statutory Regulation for Medical Herbalists, but not until April 2012. With the new European laws kicking in THIS April, this leaves a one year gap with us continuing as we were, but with access to less remedies.

I decided that I didn’t want to quit the profession as things may take off next year, and I’d hate to waste my 5 years training and 10 years experience. However, neither could I afford the fees required to practice, as there was little chance I would get enough income to justify it. So I have made the decision to remain a member of my professional body, but as a non-practicing member for a year while I wait to see what transpires.

It’s actually a bit of a relief to have some of the pressure taken off for a year and to be able to concentrate on my NHS work and the family. Since I have also managed to finish my accounts for last year and hand them in to the accountant, I’m feeling as though the weight of herbs has been lifted from my shoulders for a while and though I am passionate about the power of herbs, and helping people, I think I need this time out. It’s good to get the chance to keep on top of two things instead of merely keeping afloat with three.

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