Healthy :)

At work we were offered the chance to have a health check and given that I go to the gym regularly and like to increase my workout from time to time, and that am the wrong side of 40 ( a time for predisposing factors for various chronic conditions to start appearing) I booked myself in.

It covered only height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol but it was worth finding out about these and this week I had my follow up to get the verdict.

My height and weight are fine – I’m not divulging the figures here but I wear the same size clothing as I have for the last 20+ years so obviously I’m relatively stable 😛

My pulse was 67 beats per minute, BP 128/73 and my total cholesterol was 5 mmol/l (not bad given that we now eat a full fat diet since our shopping budget has gone down!) I asked if there was a maximum heart rate I should allow when doing my cardio workouts but was told that my current high of 157 was fine as long as I was comfortable, which I am.

Looks like I am relatively healthy for the moment and can continue to increase my workout provided I feel fine 🙂

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