Had a Holiday :)

We were aiming to leave about 10.30am on the Sunday for an anticipated 8 hour drive down to Poole, but Billy decided he had to go into work and finish some letters first – as he didn’t go and do them after cricket the day before. So we ended up leaving at 12.15! I was a tad stressed but trying desperately not to let it get our holiday off to a bad start. We encountered lots of hold ups on the way – as one would expect on a Sunday. In fact, we were travelling the two worst days, Sunday down, and Friday back, just so Billy wouldn’t miss a cricket game! We eventually arrived at about 10pm, dumped our bags and went to bed. (I would like to compliment my husband on his memory and navigating. Without his fantastic sense of direction and memory, we’d have been a lot later and a lot more stressed.)

On the Monday, I didn’t wake up until 8am – in fact this was the same every morning of our holiday and is unusual for me. Billy was getting up about 10am and then only because I was prodding him to do so. He isn’t a morning person, but I’m not a night person, and I had no intention of wasting our holiday sleeping! I discovered that G&J’s coffee machine didn’t like me, but happily they’d left a cafetiere on the side too so I used that instead. I can’t manage without my morning coffee!

We called Billy’s cousin M (son of G&J whose house we were using) to see what he was up to for the day and as he had plans, we decided to go into Bournemouth on the bus. Cousin A (son of M) was also going to town so he offered to accompany us and see us on the right bus, which was very nice of him. He stayed with us for lunch (Pizza Hut – all you can eat buffet) and then went off to do his own thing, whilst we wandered around. We were both tired so we went home fairly early, picking up some supplies from the Co-Op on the way, and had an evening relaxing with our books. For tea we used the ready-meals we’d brought down for the evening before, not expecting to arrive so late, and Billy’s was a curry-in-a-pot. As anyone who knows him can testify – Billy is LETHAL at spilling things and the carpet was pale – so I warned him to be super-careful not to make any mess as I didn’t think G&J would appreciate curry stains on their carpet in return for us using their house for the duration. Billy decided it wasn’t worth the risk and banished himself to the garden (Kitty had been there earlier and insisted on a photo too πŸ˜‰ ) –

Kitty's Private Beach
Billy with curry - banished!

Tuesday morning was chilly though there was enough sun that Billy and I had a cup of coffee right up on the top tier of the garden in the sunshine and admired the multi-levelled garden with the “beach” at the bottom nearest the house, then getting more country-cottage-like going uphill. At 11 am we picked up cousin M and the boys A & J and set off for the swimming pool – “Splashdown“. The family are all tall – M must be about 6’4″ I’d guess, A is 6’8″ (aged 16!) and J is 6’5 (aged 15!) making Billy the smallest of them! As I was driving, this meant HE got the short straw and had to sit in the middle in the back! πŸ˜€ (Hilarious as Billy never relinquishes his front seat, using his size as an excuse!) My poor little car struggled up those hills and the back seat could have been mistaken for a tin of sardines.

I left them to go into the pool for a couple of hours of playtime, whilst I went to do other things around the complex. A had given me his money and asked me to pick up an iPod for him, and I wanted to buy the makings of a meal to leave for G&J for when they returned so they wouldn’t have to worry about shopping and cooking immediately. I took my time, put the shopping in the car, and then went for a coffee until it was time to meet the men. They had had a great time and Billy and M reluctantly conceded that the boys had got very strong and that they had only narrowly managed to beat them in their 2-on-2 games/battles. They’d worked up an appetite so we all went for lunch at Chiquito’s and we ended up having the three course meal which was really good and highly recommended. Billy, M and A went back in to the pool, having bought all day passes, but J was too worn out so we sat in the car and listened to music/read, chatted whilst we waited. And waited. And waited. It was 5pm before they emerged but they’d had a brilliant time and were suitably worn out but pleased with themselves. We went back to M’s house for a cup of tea and then we nipped back to G&J’s to change ready for the evening. (Into warmer / midge-proof clothing)

Shortly later, H (M’s wife) had returned from work and joined her family, and they picked us up on the way to their rugby club, with which they are all heavily involved – playing, coaching, fund raising, and committees. H went straight to the kitchens to start making the players’ meal, M went straight into a meeting, the boys changed for training, and Billy and I just enjoyed the view from the top of the clubhouse. H had also thought to cook a simple but tasty meal for the three of us whilst the boys trained and M coached, which was lovely – somewhere along the way, Billy was conned into persuaded to buy tickets for some sort of fundraiser for the club. Shortly afterwards, the players all came in for their pasta and meatballs (not bad for 50p is it? This club really look after their players and have a lovely family feel.) On the way home with H and M afterwards, we stopped off at a pub right on the beach and sat with our drinks watching the waves in the dark. We also made some plans for H,M, Billy and I to have a day out together on the Thursday as H planned to take the day off work and M wasn’t working again until Friday. (Fireman, shifts of 4 days on, four off.)

On Wednesday, Billy wasn’t feeling so good, so we had a lazy morning at home then a simple lunch consisting of crusty bread and a variety of cheeses which I’d bought the day before, and then we went into Bournemouth again. We wanted some little presents to take back to people and I was determined that despite the drizzle I wanted to walk on the beach. We did that first, raincoat and all, and just beat a heavy-ish shower:

Anji at Bournemouth - cloudy/wet day

We managed to find presents, but Billy was still not feeling good, so we went back home again and spent the rest of the afternoon reading. Whilst relaxing (and we both LOVE reading, and had brought lots of books with us) I was feeling a bit restless since I’d pretty much spent the last couple of days sitting around. I was glad we had plans for the next day else I’d have felt we were wasting our holiday. One of the treats we had promised ourselves was a Domino’s Pizza as there was one down the road, so we decided to have that on Wednesday night and it lived up to expectations πŸ™‚ We then went into the snug, borrowed one of G&J’s DVD’s and settled down to watch Star Wars III – Revenge of the Sith, which, amazingly, neither of us had actually seen before. It was a good way to spend the evening and we both enjoyed the film.

On Thursday we met H and M and walked to H’s parents’ house so that her dad could give us a lift to the bus stop where we got on the open topped bus to Swanage and crossed the harbour via the ferry (still on the bus.) Since this area was often visited and backdrop for many stories by Enid Blyton, we decided we were the Famous Five – minus Timmy, so H bought a silk scarf and M created our “Timmy” for the day. We ladies explored some lovely little shops and the men (predictably) went off for the first 2 of many beers before we joined them for their third. Timmy had some too:

Timmy drinking beer!

Next we had fish and chips, sitting on the seafront – the men polished theirs off very quickly so off they went and grabbed a fourth pint! We then wandered along to the bus stop to pick up the bus for the next bit of the adventure, and happened to go through a fair/fΓƒΒͺte. H and I explored the little craft stalls – guess what Billy and M did?!

Waiting for the open top bus

We got off the bus at Studlands and stopped for a while at the very picturesque pub and sat in the beautiful beer garden overlooking the bay. Billy and M had four pints of cider here, whilst H and I one alcoholic and one soft drink each. (The men also had a hip-flask of whisky between them, which they had used to get them through between pints!)

View from Pub Garden

As you can imagine, Billy and M were already starting to get a bit soppy tipsy and we decided to leave them to their 9th drink and we’d walk along the cliffs and meet them at the bus stop. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk, (and despite the cloud, I did manage to catch the sun a little on my face) enjoyed chatting with H and admired the views:

Walk along the cliffs
View from the cliffs
Enid Blyton bay

We then caught the bus back to Poole and enjoyed the scenery – well, I did – the men were in a very silly mood by now πŸ˜‰

Drunken men playing the fool :)
Mike kissing Billy!
View from top of bus

When we got off, we had to wait a bit for a second bus to take us to Poole quay where we planned to eat dinner and then watch the fireworks display which is a weekly event during the holiday season. Billy and M now needed the loo rather urgently (can’t think why πŸ˜‰ ) and finally Billy decided he just couldn’t hang on any longer – and went behind a fence/hedge! (I experience a mixture of disgust and envy when men do this!) He came back looking VERY pleased with himself and was most upset that I didn’t want to hold his hand as he hadn’t washed his hands. “Yes I have” he said. Somehow he couldn’t think of an answer when H and I asked him how/when! He had also been trying to kiss me all afternoon – and I’d refused as he stunk of whisky (which I cannot abide) – and after accepting this reason, would ask again 5 minutes later, insisting he no longer did! He was very hard work in this silly, soppy mood. M was only marginally better. He’d decided to wave at everyone from the top of the bus and was ridiculously pleased when they waved back. Men! πŸ˜€

We had dinner in the quayside Wetherspoons and as it was curry night, went for two feasts. Bad move! The curries took over half an hour to arrive, and the accompaniments took another 10 minutes – and then only after us asking for them! Not good! Still, at least we had a drink to be going on with. (The men’s 10th if you’re keeping tabs.) We then ambled along the quayside and looked in a couple of little gift/craft shops – well H and I did. You’ll never guess what kind of establishment attracted Billy and M! (11 now!) We then joined them and I indulged in a vodka (my 3rd alcoholic drink of the day, having had a glass of wine with dinner.)

We timed it just right and got to a good spot to watch the fireworks, which were beautiful, rising up and over the water and appreciated by lots of people crowded around to enjoy.

Fireworks at the Quay
More fireworks

And, in true Enid Blyton fashion, we went home “tired but happy” after a wonderful day which was exactly how a holiday should be. I REALLY enjoyed the walking and fresh air, both of which I do miss now I’m no longer in Sussex. Huge thanks to H for thinking up the day’s route and to both her and M for the pleasure of their company. This was the best day of my holiday and I loved it. What a way to end our holiday.

And that was the end, sadly, although H and M did try to persuade Billy to miss his game of cricket on Saturday and stay on – and he was very tempted, especially as the forecast was for rain all day on Saturday. However, we did leave on the Friday as planned, at about 9 am. Complete with Billy’s hangover πŸ˜€ Given that it was a Friday and in school holidays, it wasn’t too bad really. Just 9 hours with a lovely stop at Britain’s best services where we had a lovely cooked dinner with a view through the large windows of the hills and the duck pond. I was entertained by the little duckling and by the seagull pretending it was a duck. πŸ™‚

Teabay services from the window

I really don’t want to go to work on Monday, but did enjoy the complete break.


  1. Phew! Sounds exhausting to me! Glad you had such a lovely time. If I’d won the lottery, you wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow but sadly……………..Yep! You guessed – no winning ticket! Oh well! xx

  2. Work it is then – but thank you πŸ™‚

  3. Simply HAVE to share H’s summing up of the last day which she made via e-mail: “blog is great – really catches the mood of 2 get drunk in dorset while 2 shop/walk and the dog gets forgotton…” πŸ˜€

  4. Glad you had a good time, Death valley didnt get us temp 49oC!. Dave and Mike were hoping for the inheritance!

  5. Tell them there’s none left – we looted everything of value πŸ˜‰

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