Gym bunny.

Billy and I have been members of the gym for years and but go through phases of actually going and working out! My problem has always been finding the time – it’s a 15 minute walk, then an hour’s work out, shower, change and walk back which means finding a spare hour and three quarters or so at least a couple of times a week. Every time I have found some sort of plan to get in to a routine, something crops up to interfere – working 2 extra days a week was the latest. Billy is happy to exercise later in the day/evening, but I am most definitely not! I am a morning person, and want to exercise then and keep the zingy, buzzing feeling all day, not through the night.

One Monday when we were both off, Billy had the idea of us going for a workout and whilst there I saw that our gym has started opening at 7am three days a week – now that’s more like it! The gym is quite literally on my way to work, so a morning workout could be done before carrying on to work, I thought. So I tried it. I liked it. Now I am a veritable gym bunny 🙂

I tend to get exercise induced asthma and always have, even when I was at the peak of my fitness and involved in many sports. I get round this by taking a very small amount of Lobelia tincture as soon as I wake up so that it has time to reach its optimum effectiveness (about 1.5 hours.)It’s a bit of a rush getting all the laundry, washing up, packed lunch etc done before leaving the house in the morning, but once I am at the gym it’s great. It’s fairly quiet first thing which I like, though in fact this gym has such a friendly UN-competitive atmosphere that it’s not really a problem even when it’s busy. My workout is only a pretty gentle one really – 30 minutes cardiovascular and then weight machines, all at a relatively low pace/weight as I am not in training for anything nor do I want huge muscles. All I want is to tone up a bit, get my body moving, stretch the muscles – especially now I am so sedentary doing a desk job 4-5 days a week. I have started to play about a bit with what I do, but I certainly don’t train hard. I do love the pepped up, alive feeling that stays with me all day and it’s certainly helped with the stresses at work.

Exercise has always been a good stress buster for me so I get the added benefit of coping with life better and keeping my stress levels down. I also find that my mind can just wander or sift through things randomly so that my head is clearer – I rarely get any peace anywhere else, to think or ponder and the gym gives me a bit of “me time” and a chance to think without interruptions from phones or people.

This is now the fourth week I’ve been going to the gym in the mornings before work and I think I have now got in to a routine with it – finding a routine is my best chance of sticking to something and I’d like to stick at this. The only thing I want to change is the music on my sport MP3 player – my workout routine has changed slightly so I need to update the music to match. That sounds easy, but my interest in, and knowledge of, music is very limited so finding songs with the right beat to suit may take me a while


  1. You have inspired me to get back to the gym! I have had a problem with my Achilles Tendon for over a year and used that as an excuse not to go but your post has reminded me how good it feels when you make the effort to go. Thanks.

  2. Go for it 🙂


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