Got there in the end!

Last week I took a much needed break from all the overtime I’ve been doing so that I could go to Mum’s for the weekend, partly to help her with some jobs and partly for us both to have a bit of R&R from our everyday stresses. (And we’ve both had a LOT of stress lately!)

I drove down on Thursday afternoon, in beautiful sunshine and arrived in the evening ready for us to have 3 full days together (Mum had taken the Friday off work and I’d taken the Monday off for traveling home.)

On Friday we had to wait for delivery of the book-shelves mum had ordered, and they could be arriving any time between 7am an 6pm! Mum suggested I move the car a little to allow room for the packages, but when I went to do so, the car was dead. Again! Grrrr! Since I didn’t have a charger with me, mum volunteered to pop into town on the bus (since she has a free bus pass) to buy one, and I stayed in for the delivery, and decided to do a little weeding in the front garden while I waited. When mum got back, I put the car battery on to charge, and the book shelves arrived at about 3.30pm, so I made a start.

They were quite big and heavy, with less-than-clear instructions so it took me a while to get going. Then it started raining, so I had to take the battery charger in, but was at least able to use the central locking now. We wanted to go out next day so I planned to charge the car for a few hours first and then we’d hopefully be OK.

On Saturday morning, the battery was completely dead again, and I duly put it on to charge and carried on with the bookshelves. A while later I checked progress of the car and found that one of the croc clips had come loose so it hadn’t been chargingGrrr! I put that right and left it again whilst we had lunch and afterwards found that once again, the car just had enough to work the central locking but no more. So we gave up and took the bus in to town for a good old mooch, an afternoon cuppa and a bit of down-time. We were on a couple of missions, including trying to find a new mirror for mum’s newly decorated living room, and some garden furniture for the little paved spot in her garden. We didn’t find either – but we did find me a pair of shoes that were just what I had been looking for 🙂 Mum treated us to a Dominos pizza in the evening, accompanied by a bottle of wine, a bit of TV and lots of laughs.

On Sunday morning we both felt it had been a bit of a frustrating weekend so far – we didn’t feel we’d achieved as much as we’d hoped and though I put the car back on to charge, I wasn’t certain how well it would work. Since the shops wouldn’t open until 11am in any case, I did the drawers for the first two bookshelves, at which point we discovered that the runners for said drawers were on incorrectly (since the instructions had not been specific) and I had to remove and replace them which was fiddly, but possible. I also assembled the main part of the third – leaving just the 2 drawers to do (the relatively easy bit.)

I checked on the car and all was well so we went and got ready for our expedition and then did a fantastic impression of the activity in an F1 pit-stop! We removed the charger, and wires, shut the window, jumped in the car and went. 🙂 We parked at Halford’s (with my jump leads safely out of the boot and inside the car) in case we had trouble later, and then walked around the retail park from there. At last, we had a day that went our way! 🙂

We found some bargains in Aldi (and the car even let us unlock it so we could deposit them in it whilst we walked around the shops) and a perfect mirror for the wall in TKMax. We had lunch in Costa before mooching round the rest of the shops and then decided we’d found everything else we wanted in Tesco Home & Wear so decided to chance trying to bring the car round for ease of loading. The car started like a dream so we bought lots of bargains, including a complete set of garden furniture, parasol, base, and cushions, and after putting down the back seats, got them all in the car – which started first time for the trip home. Brilliant!

Once home, after a cup of tea and unloading the car, we pottered doing our own jobs and mum cooked dinner. I finished off the last two drawers to complete the shelves and we maneuvered them into the desired space – which they fit perfectly, to a centimetre!


Then I decided I really wanted to put up the garden furniture, though mum didn’t expect it – but I wanted her to be able to use it if we had 30 minutes of sunshine this “summer” 😉 When I was doing this, Lee popped round and it was nice to catch up with him while I worked. Mum and I were really pleased with the finished result (though I did have to nip back next day and get the top piece of the parasol pole which was not in the box.)


We even had time (just) to put up the new mirror – though it took a couple of goes to get it straight since we made the oh-so-very-wrong assumption that the D-rings on the back were level with each other! As we’d thought in the shop, it was perfect 🙂


By the time we sat down to relax in the evening, we were congratulating ourselves on jobs well done and delighted to have finally had a positive day in which progress was made. I love helping mum buy things and doing little things round the house – we jokingly call them “ours” as it’s my second home, and it’s fun sharing the pleasure – I get the best of it though as it’s mum that does the spending 😉

It had been a bit of a frustrating time at first, but happily, we got there in the end. (And for anyone that wondered – the car started first time, no problems, on Monday morning for my return drive.)


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