Sorry I’ve been AWOL. As you possibly guessed from the silence (apart from the couple of protected posts) we’ve been having a bit of a crisis. We’re not out of the woods yet but think we may have started clearing undergrowth to show the path through.

Other than all that, life has carried on regardless, as it does.

We played darts last Friday – a cup game against the team at the top of the A league (and we are bottom of the B league!) We actually played OK and although we were beaten 1-6, we felt we gave a reasonably good account of ourselves. I was partnered with John and we could have won our doubles game had I got my finish. I wanted 18 then x18. I hit 18, 18, 9! Oh well – it was my first game for ages – that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!

On Saturday, City should have been playing away at Portsmouth but their dump of a ground (I hate the place!) didn’t have under soil heating and the game was postponed due to the frozen pitch. (The weather has been very cold and Fulham’s game was postponed for the same reason.) At least this gave me my afternoon free to do the ironing as I’d spent the morning in my clinic.

Billy’s mum has been poorly again – the tumour in her neck is back and she now needs radiotherapy. She is talking about moving up here but we can’t help feeling that would be the wrong thing for her to do. It would be an enormous undertaking, and she would be isolated without her friends. This would mean relying on us for company and of course we are pretty busy ourselves and not about much. She also hates it up here – too many bad memories, and far too cold. It seems to us that it would cost her more than she’d gain.

And finally, on a good note – Raji is going to move in with us so we can all be one big happy family together. We’re all pleased with this arrangement though of course, we will now have some planning, furniture moving and sorting of belongings to do. 🙂

A pretty busy week then – and described only briefly but at least you now know I am still alive 😉

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