Frustrating week.

This week has very much been one of “one step forwards, two back” in just about everything I’ve done – or tried to do.🙁

On Monday at work, I didn’t get much work done at all – partly through the usual Monday chaos, but also as I had a pre-appraisal meeting. I have my actual appraisal in a few weeks time and before that need to have completed a fair bit of e-learning (mandatory training which can be done on the Trust’s intranet) and print off the certificates to prove it. I also have to fill in my appraisal documents and produce evidence for my fulfilment of the various key attributes required for my job. In short, I have to find time to write about and prove my worth doing the job for which I don’t have enough time as it is! What a crazy world we live in!

All of this meant that on Tuesday I had to catch up with Monday’s work as well as Tuesday’s workload and all our patients seemed to be in cantankerous moods – but I stayed calm and very polite – somehow! I was absolutely wiped out by the end of the day (as I am most Tuesdays these days) and said to Billy that I’d need to sit down for 5 minutes before cooking. When I went in the kitchen a little later, he was already in there and cooking a gorgeous homemade curry. Yummy!

Wednesday and Friday were spent in my own clinic – I did get my accounts up to date, but need to dig out a couple of missing receipts which is annoying. I was pleased with the progress of the patients I saw this week, but one needed me to write a letter summarising their treatment – which took extra time to do. On Wednesday I had to phone a supplier to chase some herbs which I’d had on backorder for a while, awaiting their incoming shipment being cleared through customs. When I spoke to them, it was discovered that they hadn’t actually done my backorder and so we had to start the order from scratch! The package arrived on Friday which as good as one patient was in desperate need of one of the herbs and I planned to drive over and deliver it myself in the afternoon. When I opened the package though, they’d sent me the wrong products! Five of them! That took more time to sort and by Friday afternoon I felt like I’d had a week of chasing my tail.

Thursday was to be my one day of getting things done and I particularly wanted to sort out a new mobile phone contract as mine is coming to an end. I decided to go to the Metrocentre to do it in person, and set out so I’d arrive as it opened. As I got near the A1, the traffic was queueing right back along the A69 and I crawled along the A1 at a snail’s pace. As I approached the Metrocentre turnoff I was pleased to think I’d soon be out of it – but once I got there, I found it blocked off by fire engines, police and ambulances and the evidence suggested a very nasty car accident with one burned out husk visible. Nasty! Whilst my thoughts went out to those involved, I was presented with a new quandary. How to get to the shops, or back home? I took the next exit and hoped that at the worst, I could get back on the A1 and return home – though as it turned out, I managed to find my way to my original destination, albeit to a different car park and the uncertainty of the way back – still I’d cross that bridge later.

I tried to relax and first went to the Orange shop to discuss my contract. The girl in there was not very enthusiastic and it was like plucking teeth getting the information I wanted out of her. Eventually I decided on a new tariff and handset – the handset was actually the one I thought I would want – four models up from my existing one and with a much better camera. However – that shop was out of stock! Agh! She suggested I try their shop in another part of the centre, so I did, and happily they did have the handset I wanted, and the girl there was much more switched on. She said I’d get a new SIM card for the handset it he post – and when I asked why I couldn’t just put the existing one in it, she explained that it was important to swap it over. I said I didn’t want to be without my phone at all as it was my business one and she promised me I would not and that I’d get texts telling me when the switch was to be made etc. She did offer to do it right away for me but I declined as the new handset needed to be charged up first anyway. In actual fact my plan was to do as I am now – use that handset for my personal use (which is on Tesco mobile PAYG) and continue using my current business phone handset as it does everything I want it to do. I intended to get the new handset unlocked to enable me to do this, so I left the store quite happy.

Next up was a visit to a Clarins counter for a set of 3 samples and some advice on skincare. The samples would hopefully be worth having anyway, but since my skin has realised that it’s over 40 now, it’s feeling a bit dry so it was worth finding out what I should be doing differently to help it age gracefully. I had to wait a couple of minutes for the girl there to be free (she was in demand) but she was worth the wait. She was very friendly and knowledgeable, grasped what I wanted quickly – and didn’t tell me off too much for not having a proper skincare routine 😉 I can’t be doing with spending hours cleansing-toning-moisturising twice a day, nor with trowling on make-up, though again, I’m starting to need a little makeup just to even out my skin these days. She showed me the products she thought would suit me and I got a free sample of each after she tried them out on my hand. She even showed me quickly, their new foundation make-up and how it’s best applied with a brush. I’d never have thought of applying a liquid with a brush, I confess! She then gave me a leaflet with the relevant products marked and wrote down the prices. £32 for a pot of moisturiser?!!!!! Never! The stuff was lovely, but my skin better not get addicted to the stuff ‘cos once the samples are used up, that’s it! (However, I have managed to work the basics of the products and think I can make my own from herbal supplies I have in my clinic so maybe I can use those instead.)

After this, I went and got Billy a pen from WHSmith with his Christmas voucher – and even that wasn’t straight forward as there were umpteen Parker pens from which to choose and no explanation of the differences between them. However, eventually I made a decision and Billy was pleased with it.

Finally, I wanted to pick up another free sample, along the reasons already mentioned, but when I got to the counter, I was told that this wasn’t starting until Friday. Nowhere on the promotion did it mention this! Grrr!

When I got back to the car and checked my phone for any missed calls or messages, I found that the SIM card had already been deactivated and I was furious! Since I didn’t want to have to go back inside again, I had no choice but to wait until I got home to try and sort it out.

When I contacted Orange, I was advised that it was automatic for the SIM to be deactivated so I voiced my dissatisfaction and reiterated that this was my BUSINESS phone! I did find a new SIM enclosed with the new handset, fortunately, and was able to put this in to my own handset so actually, I was only unavailable for a couple of hours or so – I just have to hope no-one wanted me in that time.

On Friday I popped out from my clinic to take my new phone to the shop to be unlocked – only to be told that it couldn’t be done! It was apparently very difficult to unlock this particular model, and though there was one specialist place that might be able to do it, it would cost me £22+ How bloody frustrating! Instead, I am going to have to switch to Orange for my personal phone as well, which I have never wanted to do, being very pleased with the service and price plan I have from Tesco (I don’t use my phone much so £15 usually lasts me about 3 months.) I also like having two different networks so that if one isn’t working, the other is. I have now ordered a Tesco SIM to put in my old phone so I can keep it in the car for emergencies, and an Orange one for my new phone – and I’ll have to then organise switching so that I keep my number. More work! Even getting the Orange SIM wasn’t smooth as I did it online, clicked the final button and had a message telling me I needed to phone to complete it! Grrr!

THEN, there were two automated phone calls for Billy claiming to be from his bank’s fraud department – which seemed odd. Surely that would not be automated? So I looked up the fraud number on their website which did not match anything like the number given in the message. Hmmm. So I called the website number – all automated of course and was on hold for 20 minutes before being cut off! We don’t use BT and it was an 0845 number so it will have cost a fortune. Feeling this was important, I tried again – with the same result. So I tried calling our branch – no answer, just an open line! Finally, I e-mailed them via the “contact us” link and explained that all we wanted to do was find out if this was genuine and safe to call the number given. No response yet – someone could be gaily spending Billy’s money if this is genuine! I did try calling the phone number given in the message but that made me even more suspicious as it was again automated and gave Billy’s name as the person required as soon s it was answered. So, I spent the best part of 2 hours on his, without ever speaking to a real live person.

I was in a very annoyed mood indeed by Friday evening and hoped for a good evening playing darts to put me right.


  1. Not a nice week! I really hope this week’s better for you.
    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Playing together =-.

  2. Thanks Hannah. After the day I’ve had today, it can surely only get better 😉


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