Four day break for Easter.

Usually, with only working 2 days a week, I don’t really feel the benefit of the four day Easter weekend, but his year I did, and I have to say it was lovely 🙂

On Friday I got the mundane weekend chores (like 4 hours of ironing) out of the way and Saturday I was out in the garden filling pots and baskets and sowing seeds. I wanted to get this done so that Mother Nature has a chance to do her thing and hopefully I might have some lovely colourful displays for “summer” for nothing thanks to mum giving me lots of packets of seeds 🙂 I also assembled the solar-light planter she gave me – trying to get the moss to stay in the baskets was nigh on impossible fun and the result looks either very arty or very amateur 😉

On Sunday we opened our Easter eggs and cards, I spoke to Mum and Rick on the phone to wish them a nice day and then we went to Pat’s for dinner and board games – as usual at this time of year, though I was away last time. Dinner was absolutely gorgeous (as ever) – I had the beef in red wine casserole, though the other option – chicken, bacon and mushroom casserole – also looked good (and Billy, who had both, said it was.) The beef was divine and what with all the veg, then the Eton mess (the raspberries drizzled with a raspberry liqueur) and far too much of the irresistible cheese and crackers, I was STUFFED! The usual boy v girl games followed, and the boys comfortably cleaned up – their 2nd round of Trivial Pursuit was mightily impressive it has to be said. They are both very good at storing knowledge, (Billy and Paul – Raji had gone to work by this time) and are very much on the same wavelength which helps. The girls were without Barbara who has emigrated to Oz, but gained Natalie – there was no cheating this year so looks like Barbara is the culprit 😉 I did get the giggles when the girls were after a Scottish snooker player, clearly had absolutely no idea, and Pat asked if he had a Scottish accent! How this narrowed things down at all, I have yet to fathom 😀 Billy was hilarious in the game of Articulate and simply couldn’t get from “congregation” to “congregate” nor think of the word “fiddle” despite some interesting clues 😀 We left around midnight, having had a thoroughly wonderful day, but before I could fall in to bed, I had to tell Nel where her last little Easter chick was hidden as she couldn’t find it. Stephen had gone to work and therefore not looked for his mini-eggs.

I didn’t watch or hear City’s match against Arsenal, though I did follow the text updates. I’d expected us to lose so wasn’t as down as I may otherwise have been, but it was a bit disappointing to lose to an 86th minute goal. (Match report here, MCFC’s 60-second highlights here)

I was still very tired on Monday but enjoyed doing some baking – it was nice to have the extra day to recover and prepare for normality again.

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