Foam Party!

I received a package in the post a couple of weeks ago, and on opening it, found a full sized pack of a new foam hair dye, plus some “VIP Invitations” to a Foam Partyon March 19th.

The claim was that this dye was a foam that didn’t drip and was easy to apply, and it gave 100% coverage of grey hairs. I was supposed to throw a party and we’d try out the foam (there were two vouchers for a free pack) and then give the company our feedback.

I wasn’t quite up for the party thing, but gave Nel one of the vouchers and she went and got a bottle of the reddest looking shade available (as she regularly dyes her hair red, and it was in need of redoing anyway.) I decided I would give mine ago as it looked a good match for my hair colour and I do have four or five grey hairs starting to appear. They’re not a problem as yet, but when I do start getting a lot more, I may well want to cover them (since I DO have a gorgeous younger husband and I’m sure he won’t want to be seen around with a grey haired hag 😉 )

On the date set, Nel and I shut ourselves in the bathroom with our foam and a few giggles – the men of the house safely watching rugby 🙂 This was our verdict:

    Things we DIDN’T like:

The overwhelming peroxide fumes which had us running to open the window and our eyes streaming;
The instructions don’t make it clear enough that you only shake the bottle 3 times – however, in our case, it didn’t cause a problem;
Conditioner sachet’s could do with being easier to open instead of having to hunt down some scissors.

    Neutral comment:

At first, we thought there wouldn’t be enough foam to cover our hair entirely, but in the end there was plenty. It just takes a bit of patience to cover all your hair.

    Things we DID like:

It doesn’t drip so you really CAN go and do stuff whilst waiting to rinse;
Resulting colour – good coverage, covered my odd grey hairs, gave a nice “highlights” effect in my case, so not a radical change. (I didn’t want a huge change, just something that will work to cover grey as more come through.) Nel’s hair looked nice and vibrant and was fairly evenly covered given she did it herself – normally I have to apply the liquid dyes she uses;
The conditioner made our hair feel gorgeously silky.


7/10 The highly offensive peroxide fumes would stop us using this again. If, however, that could be overcome, the results are really good. Though since there is one voucher left, Nel’s bravely going to get another pack for next time her hair needs doing.

We may not have quite got into the party spirit with this, but it was nice to have a mum-and-daughter girly session and we had a few laughs. Thanks Nice and Easy 🙂

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