Filling the week between…

It’s a good job the Monday following the match was a Bank Holiday as it gave me a chance to try and come back to earth. Actually I didn’t quite manage that until Wednesday and then I started getting dizzy at the thought of this coming Sunday so it’s been a week of living my life in body but my soul elsewhere. I’ve had distractions but nothing’s taken my attention away from my beloved Blues for long…

On Monday Nel treated me to seeing the Avengers Assemble film – I drove us to the Metrocentre and she paid for our tickets 🙂 The film was excellent and brought the characters from the previous films together beautifully. This was also my first trip tot he all new cinema in the Metrocentre and I was impressed – especially by the extra room for wheelchairs and other disabled users. We did however take our own picnic lunch as their prices are extortionate. After the film I managed to visit the O2 shop and sort out my new contract tariff which was something I’d been wanting to do. It was really nice to spend the day with my lovely daughter – thanks Nel. 🙂

On Tuesday I was back at work in my own job – but everyone was talking football to me so it wasn’t too much of a successful distraction 😉

Wednesday was busy with shopping, gym, meeting and preparations for a short break next week – and I did start to calm down a bit.

Thursday and Friday I worked for another department helping out and was kept busy but even so my mind kept wandering into football mode now and then and by Friday afternoon I was already really excited.

Saturday (today) has been very busy but I’ve found it very hard to concentrate on the laundry, packing and a million other things I’ve needed to do because all I can think of is tomorrow and the match! It may be a good job I will need to be up very early as I may be too excited to sleep anyway 😉 Billy is going to his game away at Everton so we are driving down to Manchester early in order for him to meet up with his friends and catch the train from Piccadilly to Liverpool.

Come on City……… one more push…..

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