Feel Good Friday

Friday was a busy day and I started it with my first gym workout for months. I took it at a nice steady pace and was pleased that I managed it fairly comfortably (with the help of my broncho-dilating herbs taken an hour before to help me to breathe.) In fact I was enjoying it so much I was pushing my heart rate up into the cardio-workout zone instead of the fat burning zone, yet it felt easy. I took care to cool down properly and work out each pair of muscles on the weights, in hopes I wouldn’t ache too badly the next day (and I didn’t!) I’ve since done another similar workout, and have one more planned before getting the gym staff to help me devise a new programme to give me a proper workout.

In the afternoon, I needed to do the ironing as I was going away for the weekend, but my LoveFilm DVD hadn’t arrived (probably due to postal strikes) so Stephen lent me his Michael McIntyre DVD. It was brilliant! I was laughing so much it hurt and I expect a few creases were wobbly too! 😀 I love the fact that he doesn’t feel the need to swear every second word to tell a joke, yet they are genuinely hilarious observations of life. If you’ve never seen/heard him, try this link for a sample or this 🙂

That night was the first of the new darts season and we were playing at home against the Ex-Service-Hearts (players from the old Heart teams of last year, with a couple of new faces who had joined from other teams) It was nice to be playing again, though Roger Jnr wasn’t available so Roger Snr partnered me instead. I had a one of those nights where my darts were a bit hit and miss – 26 one throw, 60+ the next! Neither could I finish – not far off, but a miss is as good as a mile. Still, it was the first game so I didn’t allow it to bother me really. We lost 5-6 which was quite a respectable score line, with our wins being: Roger/Billy/Paul Trebles; Billy/Paul doubles; Claire, Billy, and Paul’s singles games. Looking forward to the rest of the season and to revisiting of the really lovely teams in this league.

So Friday was a good day and I felt more chirpy and normal than I have done for a little while 🙂

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