Family Round Up


We went to Laura’s Parents’ Evening on Thursday and as usual, managed to see some, but not all, teachers due to the 5 minute times slots. We are pleased with her over all and she has achieved well, particularly in the subjects in which we know she’s always struggled. She has already taken some of her science GCSE papers and got C’s in all but one (an E, but she will resit this one) and she has taken her English Language GCSE paper at Higher level(results in January, but predicted to do OK (Resit if not.)) She’s just had her R.E mock paper marked and she was 6 points off a C – 6 points she could easily have gained by making sure of the wording of the questions, so hopefully she can manage a C in the real paper. By far her greatest achievement though, is in maths – in which she has always lagged behind her peers. She has caught up really well and is predicted to get a C with continuing hard work. The disappointing area, for her, is in Art and in Graphics. In these she has done great course work (60% of the total) but has struggled in the mocks due to artist’s block. She’s been feeling completely UNcreative due to other things going on and so if the mocks were the real thing, she’d be looking at an E. Her teacher (the same one for both subjects) has been doing all she can to help, and can only hope that Laura gets her creativity back for the actual exams. As the teacher said, Laura is so very gifted in this area that it would be very sad to see her fail the exams. We did come away feeling encouraged and pleased, and we hope that things will settle on all other fronts for Laura now and that her school work will reflect this.


Has had temporary work this week which has been bliss for the rest of us 😉 He’s been working 9-5 Mon-Fri for a market research company (though he won’t get paid until the end of next month, and it isn’t very much, but it’s a start.) He made me laugh the first day when I asked how the day had been. Having worked there previously for a couple of hours in the evenings, he said “It was OK, but working ALL DAY is SO boring! A couple of hours in the evenings was fun but I don’t like working all day.” 😀 Welcome to the real world, son!

    Billy’s Mum:

Has now had 4 chemotherapy sessions and the latest scan reveals that the tumours in neck and stomach have shrunk which is good news. With luck, by the end of the course, she may earn 18 months remission, which would be a good result.


Is still doing bar work which is helping, and may have a 6 month temporary contract doing office work soon, but he’s still looking for a permanent job – and preferably one that will use the talents he has. I asked some on-line friends for any CV advice for him, though we felt his CV was actually fairly good already, and they did offer some tips which may be very useful. The on-line football fan community has demonstrated yet again a wealth of knowledge and a generosity of time and effort. 🙂

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