Family and Pets.

After a busy Sunday at home and Monday at work, it was a relief to get to home time on Monday evening, knowing that I wasn’t working again (at the hospital) until next Monday. Bliss!

Billy had been due home sometime that afternoon so I was looking forward to seeing him, and when I got home, he offered me a cup of tea – which is very unusual for him. We went into the living room, and there was Raji! “Hello” I said, surprised. “Hello” he said, “Didn’t you expect me?” Erm, no, I hadn’t expected him. Billy had said a few weeks ago that Raji was going to see what the timings of their trip were, and what time he could get off work, and consider coming back with Billy to stay until the next weekend’s plans. Nothing more had been said, so it was a complete surprise to find that Raji had come. Luckily, we keep our spare room ready to use, so all I had to do was make up the bed. Unfortunately, there is no food in the house until I go shopping on Thursday, and I have plans for the week, but Raji is perfectly happy to just fit in and relax.

We had a Chinese takeaway that night, whilst watching Premier League All Stars football, (City through to the quarter finals YAY!) though both men were falling asleep, and Raji was the first to give in, and Billy and I weren’t much later.

Laura’s snails have laid eggs. At least, Deidera has, and there are about 100 little white eggs which Laura has removed from the tank. She has kept 10 to hatch as she has some friends that want some, and the rest she has destroyed. It is illegal to allow any Giant African Land Snails to be released into the wild as they are voracious, so eggs must be frozen (or baked) then crushed, before throwing away. She had hoped that the reptile shop might want some but they didn’t, and they have no turtles which eat the eggs, only creatures that would eat the newly hatched babies. Naturally, Laura doesn’t like the idea of hatching babies just to be eaten, so she’s gone for freezing and crushing most of these. She sad it’s very hard work crushing them too! She also thinks there are more eggs to come so I she’ll have more crushing to do.

Toby’s cancer has taken over most of his body now, judging by the lumps and bumps all over him. He is also being sick 1-4 times a day, and though this didn’t distress him before, I think it’s starting to. The slippery elm bark powder in his food does help him to keep it down long enough to digest, but he is still bringing up a lot of clear liquid in between. He has also gone from pinching food lying around, to being an out and out thief, breaking into the bread bin and microwave for anything he can find. (Everything from raw crumpets to rhubarb crumble!) He is jumping on the sides even when we are in the room – though he clearly knows he is not allowed and as soon as we shout his name, he jumps off. Occasionally, his back legs seem to skid from under him, and he spends most of the time lying on top of the litter tray (which has a lid, I hasten to add!) Previously, we felt that he was still enjoying life and we therefore didn’t take him to the vet as they had told us there was nothing they could do except put him to sleep. Now, though, we feel he is not happy, and his sensitive tummy is obviously driving him to distraction, so we think the time has come to take him to the vet. I’m going to try and get an appointment for that this week. 🙁