Expert with Word.

Last week I sat my exam for MOS Word Expert, and somehow, passed it!

I’d finished the coursework book a couple of weeks ago but not had the chance to look at it again as we’ve been busy. I was booked in to the IT session on a certain date and since the trainers only come to our hospital once a month, I decided I’d still go, and I’d ask to do a practice test and go from there.

I did the practice test which I found fairly hard – partly as I’d forgotten a couple of things and partly because about 1/3 of the questions had not been covered in the coursework. Of those, I could work out how to do most of them, but a couple were beyond me, and I had to ask how to do them.

At the end of the practice, I felt I probably wasn’t ready for the actual exam and said so to the trainers. However, they talked me into having a go as they thought I WAS ready. So, with a bit of doubt still, I went for it.

Just as I started, I realised I should have gone to the loo first and then the first two questions had me at a loss – not a great omen! I skipped those two (you can come back to them later if there’s time) and carried on with the rest of the exam – fortunately, the rest being fine. At the end, I had just under 2 minutes to go back to the two questions I skipped and I managed to complete the half of each that I COULD do, leaving the other half un-done.

I told the trainers I’d finished but that I didn’t think I’d have passed and why. I wasn’t even nervous as the computer calculated my score as I was convinced I’d failed. So I was in shock when it said I’d passed!

YAY! Word Expert now completed……. and onto Excel Expert…… yikes!


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