Estranged tummy.

My tummy and I have become estranged.

Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely cannot bear to be hungry; I wake up hungry and have to have my breakfast straight away, I am starving by 11.30 and have to have my lunch, and then I start getting hungry again around 4pm so that by the time I get in from work I have to eat as soon as I’m in the house. I don’t eat between meals, but I do like my three square meals and I do like them to fill me up.

About four weeks ago, I wasn’t feeling as desperate for food, though of course I did still eat my usual meals at my usual times. However, my tummy gave a vague ache and I felt uncomfortably full – this continued through the week. So when it got to the weekend and I felt the same after Saturday’s breakfast, I decided to wait until I was hungry before eating again – this would surely not be long, because even when I am very ill (flu/glandular fever etc) I still WANT to eat, and the second I am starting to recover, I am back on my food. What happened next was unprecedented; I can’t emphasise enough how out of character it was for me. I didn’t get hungry. At all. The thought of food was just a big fat NO! I didn’t eat all weekend! On Monday morning, I made myself eat breakfast as I didn’t want to keel over at work, and again at lunchtime I made myself eat, though it was half my usual lunch.

This carried on for another 2 weeks! Food just seemed to sit in my stomach, or even felt like it was a lump in my throat. No pain. No nausea. No other symptoms – apart from my tongue felt like it had been scalded, like when you drink too-hot tea. Nothing else. Normal energy levels, I felt fine in myself.

After 3 weeks, and over half a stone’s weight loss, I thought maybe I should see the doctor, so duly made an appointment. She was as baffled as I was and, as I’d expected, felt my tummy, and took some blood. When I got the results a few days later, they were all normal – and she checked everything! (I got a print-out)

It’s now four weeks and although I no longer have the feeling of food sitting in my gullet, I still don’t have much appetite and in fact, any hunger feelings and tummy gurglings are from lower down in my gut than my tummy. It’s like my tummy has just stopped working. The sit-up-and-beg dog is now fast asleep by the fire. I look at food, no matter how yummy-looking, and it’s like looking at a nice picture or a pretty bunch of flowers – very nice but not something that one eats. I don’t feel like there’s any blockage and I have no difficulty swallowing food or drink – it’s just that it seems to sit in my stomach limiting the amount I can eat and drink.

I am still full of energy and feeling well, still have no pain, no nausea and no other symptoms – the tongue has even calmed down a bit now. I’ve lost 3/4 stone now, though fortunately can afford to have done so (arguably, needed to) though I am making sure I do eat three meals a day, albeit that two of the meals are a smaller than usual (probably half what I used to eat.) In a way, it’s quite liberating as I can just go out without having to make provision for the next meal – but on the other hand I can’t do justice to nice food.

If things still haven’t changed in another week or so, I’ll go back to the doctor but not sure where we go next since we’re both so puzzled – maybe a camera down the throat to have a look, but I can’t say that I fancy that! Hope she can come up with a better idea, or that my tummy sorts itself out in the meantime….

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