England Ladies and City.

On Saturday, I started the day by redelivering a package that the post office had delivered to us instead of the correct address round the corner, and then Laura and I shared out the housework between us as Mrs Gem is poorly. (Despite being a helpful little bod, Laura was in it for the money! 😉 )

Sol came round and worked in the bathroom (yes, we’re STILL going!) and when he came back from his lunch, he reminded me that the England ladies were playing their quarter final against the favourites, America. As it was on the BBC, I put it on upstairs whilst I got things done and therefore watched most of the game. Our ladies did us proud and it was a massive achievement to even get into the quarter finals – no-one expected them to beat the Americans, and indeed they were a class apart. However, at half time the score was 0-0 and that was a bonus itself. In the second half though, the Americans stopped hedging and went for it, though I think 2-0 would have been fairer than the 3-0 that was the actual score. Even so, our ladies kept playing until the end and gave it their all, and we can be very proud of them.

I’d had texts from Billy indicating that he and Raji were having a good time at their rugby match, and I saw later that England won the match too. The men have broken their jinx – usually when they go and watch England play live at a sport, they lose. 😀

In the evening, I settled down to watch Fulham v City on Setanta, and I opened one of the beers I’d got from PaulCorona Export. Very nice – 8 out of 10! In the second half, I had Brahma, which only got a 6 as the taste didn’t last after each sip.The match was brilliant viewing for the neutral – more nerve wracking for me! I’d say the draw was a fair result and all the players gave their best to win a hard earned point. I really enjoyed the match and loved seeing some very nice football being played by my team – hopefully it will continue to get better and better.



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