Darts and Mr Prat!

On Friday, we were playing The Globe away. You may remember that this was the team with the sexist, arrogant, team member that so annoyed me (and I beat in our singles game) when we played them at home. I’d been dreading this game for the whole of the intervening time. I’d considered asking Paul to find someone else to play in my place. In fact, I did mention it once and was told that he wouldn’t hear of it. As the week went on, I was dreading it even more, and by Friday was still no nearer deciding what I’d do if he started again. In the end, I managed to half convince myself that he would be fine this time, and that he’d just had an off night because he hadn’t expected to play a woman.

Well, as it turned out, he simply glared at me all night. Everyone else was happy laughing and joking in the normal fashion, but he didn’t smile once. He not only glared at me, but he also made under-the-breath comments about other people’s darts skills (or lack thereof, in his opinion), and positively heckled his own team mates. Why they put up with such a prat on their team, I have no idea. Thankfully, I wasn’t playing Mr Prat this time, and was instead playing a young lad who seemed pleasant enough, if a little quiet.

Every game was very close and could have gone either way , and in fact, we were really unlucky that we lost all 10 games before the last one. The last game being the singles – Paul and Mr Prat. Having allowed the latter to really get under my skin again, I promised Paul anything he wanted (provided it was legal, moral, and Billy approved!) if he would just win this game. Thus far this season, we have never had a whitewash, losing 11-0 and we all wanted Paul to win to spare us this, too. No pressure then! Once again, Captain Fantastic delivered! Our team went nuts and we all leapt on Paul to congratulate him, to the amusement of the opposition team. Once we’d calmed down and shaken hands (Mr Prat and I did so at arms length from eachother), we were able to observe that the home team were apparently quite pleased that our friend had been beaten too. Chants of “Loser, Loser” rang out and at one point there was a comment of “At least it wasn’t a WOMAN this time”. I am a bad person – I took pleasure in that!

After the food, we finished our drinks and left, feeling as though we’d won the whole evening, rather than just the last game. I’m waiting to hear what prize Paul will claim – he may take a while to decide since my provisos apparently scuppered his initial thoughts. I said in the meantime, I’d wear a badge saying he’s my hero.

We popped into the Ex-service club to drop off the score card, and had a chat with some friends in there, and discovered that they had no liking for MR Prat either. Then we decided to go to the Heart rather than the Tannery, since the latter had been thick with smoke earlier on. We had a pleasant remainder of the evening in there, and chatted with the darts teams who had just finished playing their games.

Thank goodness we won’t have to play the Globe again until next year now – let’s hope they wake up and get rid of Mr Prat before then!


  1. […] Monday: Stephen went off to see his Internet friends that live in Poole, Aaron went to see his friends, and Raji went back to Bristol and to work. Helen, Mike, Stephen, Joe, Billy and I went to the darts shop nearby, which Billy specifically wanted to visit. He spent some time choosing some new darts, testing out the throw for weight and balance. Meanwhile, I bought a few flights and shafts – some Man City ones and some pink ones specially for when we play Mr Prat again! We then went into Bournemouth and had a very pleasant day, before returning to Poole. In the evening, Helen, Mike and the boys were seeing Helen’s mum as it was her birthday, and Billy, Stephen and I went round to spend the evening with Gerry and Judy (Mike’s parents and Judy is Billy’s dad’s cousin.) We had a wonderful evening in the garden, with a BBQ and a wood burner for warmth and really enjoyed catching up with them both again. […]

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