Darts – away at another old home – The Skinners

It was odd to be revisiting an old home pub but it’s safe to say that it reminded us why we left; too little room with people getting in the way of the throwing area. That said, the team were pleasant and with the two huge windows either side of the board, it was like playing in a snow globe as great fat fluffy snowflakes fell throughout the evening.

The throwing order was: Senior, me, Billy, Mark, Junior, and Raji but alas we only managed to win three games – Senior, Mark and Raji’s singles games. We could have nicked another couple as most games were close, but as it was, another defeat was recorded against us. I was fairly pleased with my own darts though it took me a while to get them going.

As usual, food was served after the game and it happened to be filled rolls, cut in half. My tuna roll didn’t appear to want to stand upright on my plate and it ended up landing in the lap of one of the home team 😀 Ooops! Cue much teasing – good job I can laugh at myself hm?

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