Darts against the unbeaten Wheatsheaf

Having missed playing in last week’s cup game as I was busy getting ready for my trip, I was so pleased to see my team mates again this week. We were at home to “The Wheatsheaf” from Corbridge – the unbeaten table toppers – and didn’t expect to win.

Our playing order was: Graham, Junior, Mark, Paul, Me, and Senior. Billy, who always comes along though prefers to be a sub, did some of the marking so was actively involved still as he usually is.

We lost 3-8 but in fact were pleased to have won any against this team. We won: mine & Senior’s doubles, Graham’s singles (he finished with the bull!), Junior’s singles.

I threw well but was just beaten – I was a little annoyed with myself as I had 4 darts at tops before he got to his finish and all were too high – I didn’t have time to keep doing that and should have lowed my aim even if it meant splitting. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it was merely disappointing as I did have the chance to take the points.

However, as usual, it was a good evening and we went home smiling 🙂

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