Darts – a narrow loss then a win

We narrowly lost (6-5) away at Studio but we had a really good evening which was much needed after a stressful week.
Random order was: Graham, me, Junior, Paul, Senior, and Mark and we won the two trebles games though both were hard fought. Graham and I made hard work of our doubles and had a mediocre game but we could have won it and didn’t, and Junior and Paul followed suit. Happily Senior and Mark got a battling win which was followed by an emphatic win in Graham’s singles. I was only just beaten by a very strong player but Junior won his. Paul lost to jammy x1 x19 finish, Senior had been well ahead but failed to get his finish and was beaten. So it all came down to Mark, who unfortunately was just pipped.

We were then at home to the Ex-Service B and again we had a good night with a relaxed atmosphere (again, much needed after another, even more stressful week.) Billy and Raji were at cricket nets but came in to the club afterwards with their cricket team mates so we had a bit of a natter with both darts and cricket players alike. The random order was: Graham, Mark, Senior, me, and Junior. With the other team having only 4 players, their random order was: player, -, player, player, -, player meaning that each trebles game was only played with 2 players,the first and last doubles were played with only 1, and Mark and Junior won their singles by default (though I’m sure they’d rather have got to play) Senior and I lucked out having the two-man doubles game and the strongest players probably. We won both trebles and the first doubles, unsurprisingly. We then lost next two – Senior and I just beaten by good players, Paul and Junior chucked it away trying but failing to hit x1 😉 Graham lost his singles, but it was close and Senior won his after Mark’s bye. I was expecting to be thrashed and my throwing wasn’t too great initially – good darts but scoring 26 etc. Then I got a decent score and closed the gap and somehow I also beat him to the finish and won 🙂 Junior’s bye was followed by a narrow loss for Paul – caught out by that blasted x1 again; Paul’s bête noire for the night 😉 So we won 7 – 4

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