Darts 5-6, 5-6 – one for, one against.

    5-6 Win:

A couple of weeks ago we played away at Café Enna, a new venue for us. Billy was out for a cricket dinner so I walked down with the rest of the team after we’d had a warm up at the club. It was pitch black as I trustingly followed them down to the railway line – only for them to realise we had to cross the line at the NEXT gap! 😀 We got there in the end and there was only the two darts teams in the whole place so it was a nice relaxed and friendly evening.

Our random order was: Junior, Paul, Mark, Graham, me and Senior.
We lost both trebles, and only won Mark & Graham’s doubles. The other team were good but we were also playing badly.
We then went on to win all our singles, apart from Graham’s (who was playing their strongest player) to steal the game! 🙂 I came from 200+ behind to rob my opponent (after the others kindly played along and didn’t tell me my win would make it 5-5, as they know I have been known to collapse under pressure like that 😉 ), but some were just show-boating: Mark finished with a bull; Senior finished his 46 with x6, x2, x15 and Paul got 14 with 7, x5, x1 😀

Just to rub salt in the wound, we also won the football card – there were 6 teams left so Graham made us each cough up for one and we put them down as a joint choice for the whole team. As Paul put it – “Smash and grab” 🙂

5-6 Loss:

This week we were at home to the Fox B – a team we know and like and again we had a good evening with them. This time the last game went against us so we lost 5-6. The random order was: Mark, Paul, Junior, me, Senior,and Graham. We played badly again though Senior and I switched to 19s and Graham finished our trebles 🙂 We also won Senior and Graham’s doubles, and Mark’s, Junior’s and Senior’s singles.

Having played really badly in my trebles and doubles, I played well in my singles game but was really annoyed to get 3 bounce outs – 2 in the same throw! However, I kept at it and had a go at a finish but was beaten to it in a good game.

Half my mind was on moving but it was nice to try and relax – and our friends did us proud and have all volunteered their help on the day of the move. Now you know why I love our team so much 🙂

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