Coming to the end.

This last week I have had a sense of the summer coming to its end. It isn’t feeling autumnal quite yet, but there is a feel of it being late summer now and although I am exceptionally pleased that we’ve had a summer, this cooler week has made me dread the return of the cold. It’s been so liberating not having to huddle for warmth, turn on heating, light fires, get into bed with a hot water bottle at a ridiculously early time just to keep warm or having to don layers of clothing.

However, it’s not just the weather. I’ve enjoyed having two whole days each weekend to get all my jobs done at home. Once the football season re-starts, I’m back to having to plan around matches. If I’m going to the match I tend to be away for the weekend which means somehow getting things done before, or having extra to do the next week. If I’m not going to the games, I still have to plan around taking a couple of hours out to watch/follow the match live. Don’t get me wrong – I’m pleased we’ll soon have football back and excited about the new season. But being a woman I have the extra challenge of still getting things done around my hobby. (It’s a good job I don’t share Billy and Raji’s love of cricket isn’t it? That takes up entire weekends plus most weekday evenings between playing, practising, umpiring and watching it!)

What’s also potentially coming to an end, is being able to blog about whatever I feel like at the time each week, and I have enjoyed that over the closed season. I haven’t been able to do as much as I’d like but I have definitely felt my blog regain some of its self-therapeutic role in my life. Maybe I’ll try to continue with this and just mention football rather than trying to post about each game. We’ll see. I want to be able to enjoy writing each post, rather than feeling it a chore, which it did become a bit at the beginning of the year. The problem, of course, is that I am now working full time which vastly reduces the time I have available for anything so blogging more than once a week is not possible and during the football season, I can really only manage it fortnightly. So it needs to count. I think I will just see how it goes but it feels like my blog has to change with the times and somehow find a new place in my ever busy life.

I really have loved having a summer this year though so for now I’m just going to try and enjoy the last of it before it slips away….

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