City v Gillingham 1999

What a great video to enjoy over breakfast coffee today. Thanks City! LOVE it! I remember it well…

MCFC’s Match Highlight Video

I was a single mum living in Sussex. No Sky TV. Red neighbour recorded it for me and brought the video over to me . Dad phoned me from Chester to ask if I’d watched/listened to the game. I said I had the video to see when I’d put the kids to bed. He kept his voice neutral and asked me to call him when I’d watched it. I really couldn’t tell which way it had gone. I bathed the kids and read them their stories, said goodnight and came downstairs.

The phone rang. Dad wanted to know if I’d seen it yet. Be sure to call when I had.

I settled down and watched. Half time 0-0. Dad called. How far had I got? Don’t forget to call at the end. I STILL couldn’t figure out if we’d won or lost.

Second half………… OH MY GOD! No wonder dad was in such a tizz about chatting it through! I duly called him and we cried and laughed and chatted about this crazy game.

Wish we could have done the same or even in person with some of our crazy games since. But I love that we shared this one despite the distance between us. He was certainly not perfect, but one of the things dad DID get right was making me a Blue. Thanks dad.

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