City 5 – 1 Norwich

At long last, I had a live game again and had a relaxed drive down, looking forward to seeing my boys πŸ™‚ I was also hoping to meet up with some of my Norwich friends. If I’d had no family influence and had picked a football club to support of my accord as an adult, Norwich would have been the one (thanks largely to admiring Green’s skills when he was their keeper and then getting to know more about the team, the club and the fans.) It used to be that when City played their derby at OT, I went a few times to Norwich and watched the match in the pub with my friends there and then went on to Carrow Road to watch the Canaries. (I have a 100% record of watching them win there, and I was there at Hucks’ last game on loan when all the fans sang “Delia, get your cheque book out” πŸ˜€ ) Anyway, I digress…..

In the end I didn’t get to see my friends, but I did meet up with the rest of the North East Blues and with Don, for a pre-match drink in City Square. It was a bit fresh and it got much colder as the day went on with icy rain and a stinging wind, but nevertheless I enjoyed the afternoon πŸ™‚ Much as I like Norwich, naturally I wanted MY City to win on this occasion.

For the first half hour or so of the match, we huffed and puffed but couldn’t break down Norwich who were getting every man behind the ball (which was a reasonable tactic I felt, though they did try to play when they had possession) At last, we scored though thanks to Aguero who had missed a few chances, but then somehow found a way through the congested area so that it was 1-0 at half time. Goals then followed by Nasri (an amazing free kick that stopped everyone in their tracks) and Yaya (MotM) with a lovely shot. Norwich then got a consolation and to be fair, I couldn’t begrudge them it as they had played with a lot of effort (though they never really looked dangerous). We got a couple more after that – Balotelli‘s casual not-even-going-to-call-it-a-tap-in got him noticed again and then AJ finished off with a fine shot. Brilliant stuff – five goals, five scorers! (Prompting chants of “Who put the ball in the Norwich net? Half our * team did” as with the 1-6 at OT)

Norwich fans were excellent! (The best visiting fans by far, for a long time.)They filled both tiers of the away stand and got behind their team, singing throughout. Moreover, they were singing in support of their own team rather than singing anti-opposition songs (a soapbox of mine as you know πŸ˜‰ ) To top it off, they happily engaged in witty on the spot chants (a dying art, sadly) City have recently started singing “We’ll score when we want….we’re Man City, we’ll score when we want” and the Norwich fans, who were loud and proud, baited home fans with “We’ll sing on our own….we’re Norwich City, we’ll sing on our own” which was hilarious πŸ˜€ When they got their consolation goal, they sang our version substituting their own name πŸ™‚ They also did the Poznan. Absolutely top fans enjoying a good day out regardless of the score – I love it πŸ™‚

So a good win, a good day, some good banter and for me, a good example of what football should be πŸ™‚

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