City 5 – 0 Notts County (4th Round replay, FA Cup)

On Sunday 20th Feb, I had to go and collect Nel from Chester after her week’s stay, and decided I may as well do a cheeky stop in Manchester for this FA Cup replay. It meant a lot of driving on the day so I hoped I wouldn’t encounter the problems I’d had when I took her down.

Although the previous game against Notts County had been a cautiously played draw, I was reasonably optimistic that we would win at home – though I did tease a friend who had texted to say we’d easily beat them. He knows his football, but this is City and it worries me when anyone thinks we’ll win by a comfortable margin. 😉

During the first half of the match I was wondering why I was sitting there cold and skint to watch a game that it didn’t look like City fancied. We were fortunate to go in at half time 1-0 up as County had started well and had chances.

The away end was fairly full and at first, I thought this was good – I like away fans and enjoy the banter. However, it soon became confusing as to which team they actually supported! They were mainly singing ManUre songs, singing for Rooney, and even produced a ManUre shirt, which the stewards and police had to quickly confiscate. I took a real dislike to these fans – it wasn’t banter, they came across as a nasty lot – which made the second half all the more enjoyable.

City woke up and finally started to show their class when Balotelli went off to be replaced by Tevez. I was delighted for all the goal scorers (Vierra x2, Tevez, Dzeko, and Micah) and am really pleased to see Micah back in form and looking the business.

A good result for City, earning us a 5th round game at home to Villa (not an easy draw, that) and an enjoyable pit-stop for me, in the end – though actually, regardless of the result, I do always prefer to be at a game than watching on TV/PC. My friend was gracious and declined the invitation to be smug about predicting a good win.

After a quick picnic in the car, I set off for Chester, had a cup of tea, and then drove home with Nel, before collapsing exhausted into bed.

MCFC’s 60 second highlights here.
Kippax Blue’s photos here.

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