City 4 – 0 Villa

Mum and I left plenty of time to drive down for this game, and as we hit the M60 I apologised to her for bringing us too early so that we’d have to kill some time. Guess who spoke too soon! At junction 18 (a massive inter-motorway roundabout!) the exit we wanted so as to continue on the M60, was blocked by police – with no indication as to where to go instead! So we went round the roundabout and back the way we came before trying again with a different exit. It turned out to be the wrong choice, so back we came for another go – this time, we somehow found our way to where we wanted to be which was something of a miracle given we both have an appalling sense of direction and can get lost in a car park! We were rather proud of ourselves and I was certainly pleased to have mum for moral support and suggestions – alone I’d probably have panicked somewhat as I absolutely cannot navigate and drive at the same time.

Anyway, once safely parked, we had our picnic lunch, used the loos above the store (since those in City Square were out of order) and browsed the shop. It was so busy in there that we decided we didn’t have time to queue to pay before kick off so we abandoned our items and headed to our seats.

I had the use of a friend’s tickets in my usual stand but on level one almost on the halfway line – the same seats in which Stephen and I had sat for our game against Liverpool last season. We were very pleased with our view and were lucky enough that it didn’t even rain on us during the match.

Villa fans were in good voice though singing (briefly) about “empty seats” when their own allocation was half empty was ironic ๐Ÿ˜‰ That aside, they’d come for a good day out and even when they were 2-0 down, they just enjoyed themselves. (I like this in football fans – that’s what it’s about.) After home fans did the Poznan for the goals, Villa fans decided to do it too, earning them a round of applause. They were clearly unhappy with their manager, prompting City fans to sing “You’ll get Sam Allerdyce” at them in fun, and at 3-0 down they sang “We’re gonna win 4-3” ๐Ÿ˜€

City fans were also loud and witty with plenty of singing. Although neither Ireland nor Dunne were even at the game, home fans sang “He’s here, he’s there…” for Dunne and “Ireland was Superman“. At 3-0 up there were ironic chants of “Boring, boring City” A great atmosphere all round ๐Ÿ™‚

The game itself was surreal – 1-0 up from a penalty inside the first 10 minutes, followed by a great City chance which had us all on our feet in anticipation of a goal – but the ball came flying back out so we sat down in disappointment. Only for the ref to indicate that we’d scored a goal! What? How? Lescott’s header was adjudged to have crossed the line before being headed back out – but the videos I’ve seen since the game don’t look like it to me, I confess. Anyway, there we were 2-0 up early on – again! There was a third before the half time whistle and I actually felt maybe I could relax for the second half ๐Ÿ˜‰ Incredibly, we got a second penalty not long after the break, taken by Balotelli who got a deserved hat-trick (and who had been much better this game, getting straight back up without moaning, every time he went down.) It finished 4-0 which was just brilliant, and I wholeheartedly agreed with the decision to award Silva the MotM award as he was outstanding – again!

MCFC’s 60 second highlight video here.
Kippax Blue’s photos here.

In the second half a bird was seen flying desperately to get out of the stadium but it appeared to be too exhausted and couldn’t even get to level 1 – so it settled on the pitch! Initially it was back near Joe Hart, out towards the wing and we kept our eye on it hoping it wouldn’t get hit by the ball or stomped by a player. Hart came out of his goal and stood just in front of it and when he kicked the ball, it flew off again. This time, after its mad flapping to no avail, it settled on our side of the pitch in the left attacking midfield area of Villa’s play – which seemed fairly safe. For a long while it rested there but eventually the play did go to that area and it seemed the whole of the East stand shouted “Mind the Bird!” After this, there was a rendition of “Feed the Bird and he will score…..” ๐Ÿ˜€ It managed to stay uninjured, and I hope it then recovered sufficiently to fly away later.

It had been a very entertaining match, and mum and I enjoyed ourselves. We went back to the store afterwards where she bought a couple of thank-you presents for Lee for cat-sitting for her, and I was treated to some City slippers since my old (non-City) slippers had just died after 2 years of service. I also bought a couple of little presents, including one for Callum ๐Ÿ™‚ The queue wasn’t quite as bad now, though the girl serving us needed a LOT more customer service training! I held my season ticket clearly in sight so that she’d know we were claiming my 10% discount for the non-sale bits we bought and she ignored it. When she announced the total, I handed her my ST but she said “There’s no discount on sale items!” Mum and I said together “They’re not all sale items!” So she sulkily looked through the items again and separated the non sale bits before scanning them to remove them from the total. She then (presumably) hit a button to claim the discount and re-scanned them. Not a word of apology, no smile, no pleasantries at all. Not what I expect from my trip to the store, pouring further money into my beloved club’s coffers! ๐Ÿ™

Back in the car I read my texts (signal in the stadium is poor so I tend to get all the 2nd half ones after the game!)and sadly there was one from my friend Martin, who was at the Palace match, to say that there had been a 96th minute penalty to equalise for Bristol City ๐Ÿ™ It would have been so nice if Palace could have hung on to 3 points. Thanks Martin, for keeping us updated though. We had an easy drive back to mum’s afterwards, both of us yawning a bit, but once we arrived we needed to do very little and could just relax after a good day out.


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