City 2 – 1 West Ham

After a lovely visit to our new home, and having given it the seal of approval, it was time for mum to go back home and as I had the whole week off (MUCH needed after a very stressful week beforehand!) I took mum home and spent the next day helping her to empty the kitchen ready for some work being done on it the following week. Mum treated to us to a Dominos pizza for dinner one night – and in fact we had the remainder for lunch next day so that wasn’t bad was it? Yummy! She also let me pinch a couple of bits of carpet off-cuts (leftover from when she had her house re-carpeted) for Nel’s bedroom and some old bits of branches waiting to be disposed of in the garden (perfect for burning in our open fire.)

On the Saturday I left her to go and watch City’s match against West Ham and once again it just seemed so long since I’d last been there to cheer the boys on live. It was a comfortable game with no particular dramas until the end when it looked like Hart was hurt and it caused him to concede a late goal. Aguero and Yaya scored the goals that ensured we kept the 3 points we did deserve though and all in all it was an enjoyable afternoon. The minute’s applause in memory of Marc Vivien Foe at 23 minutes was a nice touch and unanimously joined by fans of both teams. What made it even nicer was that this was an idea conceived by an autistic Blue fan, originally intended for the Cup Final, but instead changed to this fixture in view of Foe’s connection to both clubs. The club got on board and put up a picture of the man himself for the minute. Well done City and West Ham 🙂

After the game I decided to brave (it was PACKED!)the club shop as I wanted a couple of bits for my car. As it now has to stay in a car park as there’s nowhere to park at home, I have removed all permanent City accessories and instead use ones I can display for match days and remove afterwards. I needed a couple of extras which had become more necessary as the suction cup off one of my existing ones had mysteriously disappeared. Although I had to get two identical mini scarves in the end, I did get the two of them for £4 instead of £10 (BOGOF offer plus 20% discount) Bargain 🙂

I really enjoyed my drive home – although I’d enjoyed my week’s activities I’d had no time out alone (something I get less and less these days, alas) so I made the most of it.

MCFC’s 60-second highlights here
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