City 1 – 2 Everton

Although this match was on TV, Nel had friends over for the night and was using the living room so I watched online instead – having given my ST to Lee to use with it being a weekday match.

All the hype before the match was expecting City to win and go top of the table for Christmas (several other games having been postponed due to the snow were partially responsible for this being a possibility) but I was utterly convinced we wouldn’t do it and so it proved.

The match was far from boring and City played far from badly – though the defending was poor for the two Everton goals. The stats showed that City had: 70% possession; 25 attempts on goal; 15 On target; 16 blocked shots; and 11 Corners! (Everton had 4 attempts, 3 on target!)

There were at least 3 hand-ball shouts and I feel we should have certainly had 2 penalties from them, but the ref saw nothing. However, I can’t get too het up over them – if we can’t score from that many attempts on target, it simply wasn’t going to be our night no matter what. :S To balance it a little, it was a bit harsh on Everton that they went down to 10 men in the second half as I thought it a soft yellow for Anichebe when he crashed into Hart so that his second yellow led to him walking. It didn’t particularly seem to cause Everton a problem, however. Zabeleta was my MotM having played his socks off, even with 4 stitches and two bandages round his head.

Kippax Blue’s Photos Here.
MCFC’s 60 second highlights here.

I watched with wry good humour and hope we do better next match – the family derby on Boxing Day 🙂

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