City 1 – 1 Blackburn.

This was my first live game of the season and I’d been so excited at going to see my boys again after such a long break – but when I woke up after very little sleep, I didn’t feel at all well. I’d had a bug (sore throat and sinusitis) for a few days but it had escalated and I felt feverish and had a blazing headache. Nevertheless, that wasn’t going to stop me so off I set, through the rain and sunshine, down to Manchester.

I had decided to stick to the North Car park so made sure I spent no other money than the £10 parking (no coffee on the way down, no match programme, no drink afterwards) , and so was doubly annoyed on arriving to find that there were stewards actually telling us WHERE in the car park we were to park! I always like to park in the same spot under a large light -partly because I easily lose my car in car parks (having the directional sense of a stone) and partly because I feel safer parked near a light. However, once parked, I tried to tell myself it didn’t matter, that I was here, and would soon be watching City. I was quite early and considered wandering along to see the sights in City Square etc., but I felt pretty rough and opted instead to wait in the car. I didn’t even feel up to reading so just rested. Then I got a call from a friend who said he and his son were in City Square if I cared to meet, so I decided to wander along. The forecast was for some light rain showers so I tied my raincoat round my waist and set off. Just as I reached City Square however, the heavens opened and a deluge had me soaked in seconds. I did get my raincoat on but it was soon plastered to me, as were my trousers and my trainers had become buckets of ice cold water 🙁 I decided to go straight in to the stadium since by now every inch of City Square that was under cover was full.

I shivered through the game and the first half certainly did nothing to warm me up. City looked like it was just a Sunday kick-about and were very uninspiring. Things got worse when Blackburn scored after a dreadful error by Hart!

In the second half, however, City were dominant and how we scored only one goal (Vierra) I do not know! The second half was entertaining and the only things spoiling it for me were the usual rugby-player-esque style of Blackburn (I tend to forget why I don’t like them, then we play them again and I’m reminded!) and the appalling refereeing! Clattenburg might just as well have worn a Blackburn shirt, giving City nothing, not even a free kick, never mind a possible penalty (he even gave City one harsh yellow card) and letting the visitors get away with murder. I gather the stats were that City had 20 shots at goal, 14 on target. Blackburn had 4:2! MotM for me was AJ.

To cap a miserable afternoon, I have new season ticket neighbours (not that I’m sorry to say goodbye to last year’s whose comedy commentating was painful) and though they seem nice chaps, the one next to me kept standing on my foot with his size tens and wanting all my leg room as well as his own 🙁 Mr Prostate still sits in my aisle too and along with a couple of others whose match highlight appears to be the food (which they are so desperate to have they miss parts of the game so they can go and get it) I was up and down like a yo-yo letting people in and out of their seats!

The weather had stayed clear for the match – but it made up for it as soon as it had finished and another, harder, deluge ensured I had a wet wait to exit the car park and a damp, cold drive to mum’s.

Not a good day, and I can only hope the season will improve – in all respects.

Kippax Blue’s Photos here.


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