City 1 – 0 Swansea

This match was a tea-time kick off and it felt odd to be able to do things at home and not leave until lunchtime. After scraping snow off the car in the morning, it had thawed by the time I set off and I had an easy drive down – though the low winter sun was a bit of a pain. No sun in summer, bright, clear sunshine in winter at just the right height to blind drivers :S

It was good to be back and it wasn’t quite as cold as I’d expected it to be, but it was a dire first half, taking 38 mins until we had a shot at goal!It looked like we’d carried on from Ajax game, looking slow, passes going astray and seeming to be second to every 50/50 ball. There was a nasty looking injury to Michu and Hart immediately went to his assistance and called on the physios. Thankfully after some treatment he was able to carry on playing. I hate to see players injured badly, regardless of their club, but little did I know there was more to come...

The second half was better, though we certainly were not on fire, apart from Tevez who chased every ball at both ends of the pitch, and his goal was a relief. Sadly, there was an injury to Swans keeper,Vorm, when Tevez scored and it looked like a thigh/groin strain. He received treatment but after a long stoppage was stretchered off to applause from the whole stadium. About 20 minutes later it was Micah that was in trouble – he suddenly pulled up and looked to be in a bad way. He too was stretchered off to applause from whole stadium but it was awful that two men were hurt and needed to be treated.

The long breaks for treatment meant this game broke records and became the longest ever Prem game when we had 12 added minutes at the end. It was about right too – I’d expected at least 10. It seemed about the only thing the officials got right – they’d been dreadful throughout. Balls judged to be out when they were in, in when they were out and lots of strange little decisions, though none major. Just enough to get themselves noticed!

By contrast, the Swansea fans were excellent and sang throughout, mainly getting behind their own team. It was nice to hear different songs to the usual generic *insert team here* type songs, which I do hate. Even though I had to content myself with watching this fixture last season on TV, the fans obviously impressed me then too.

So this wasn’t a great game, not the best performance and yet we managed to get the goal, the points and a clean sheet (Hart made a couple of great saves during the game too.) I felt reasonably satisfied as I walked to the car to drive to mums for the night 🙂

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