City 0 – 1 Liverpool (C.Cup semi-final 1st leg)

After a busy day on Wednesday Billy, Raji and I enjoyed the rare treat of a takeaway curry thanks to my favourite brother-in-law 🙂 Yummy! That was accompanied by a beer which set us up nicely for the evening watching City on the box.

I wasn’t expecting much as I thought the intensity of Sunday’s derby would have an effect – and I wasn’t wrong.

The game wasn’t great viewing and Liverpool had plenty of chances in the first half, with Hart making some good saves. Disappointingly, a slightly flustered looking Savic gave away a penalty less than 15 minutes in and Gerard converted it comfortably. Mario was back but he soon looked to be a liability – he wasn’t playing well and was clearly getting heated – I was urging Mancini (via the old microphone-in-the-living-room trick 😉 ) to sub him as I feared he’d get a booking (or 2) if he wasn’t. Thankfully the microphone was working and Mancini followed instructions, bringing on Nasri, and we looked much better after the change.

In the second half we had more possession and a few excellent chances, though couldn’t make it count against a Liverpool side that had decided to play 9 men behind the ball at all times. It was a frustrating second half with us dominating but it wasn’t to be. Just to add insult to injury, Johnson made a very poor challenge on Lescott late on – a leg breaker had he made contact – but he didn’t get so much as a yellow, never mind the red he should have had. It was a far worse tackle than Kompany’s and I think we can rightly feel doubly aggrieved over his red and Johnson’s failure to be booked.

That aside, it ended 0-1 and we have it all to do in the second leg though I can’t see us scoring 2+ goals at Anfield. Then again, are Liverpool going to park a bus when at home? We’ll have to see.

The media have irritated me (as they often do) after this match by reporting that Mancini called for Johnson to get a red card when in fact he was commenting (quite legitimately) on the lack of consistency on the part of referees. Also the headlines were all about Gerard inspiring Liverpool to a win – inspiring? He didn’t do much bar knock in a penalty! :S

MCFC’s 60 Second highlights here.
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