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Since I’m struggling to blog properly these days, I have decided to just go with it for now and post as and when the mood/time allows which quite possibly means short posts with just a snapshot of what I’m up to.

Just to reassure you, I am still (of course) watching and attending City matches (every game) and I’m still playing darts every week. I just seem to have lost my mojo to blog about them but hopefully I’ll manage short snippets again in future.

However, I’ve discovered a new (somewhat addictive) way to destress at the end of the day – Microsoft’s Xbox Solitaire games pack that came with my new laptop (I got a new one on the NHS home computer scheme so I have a small amount of money deducted from my salary to pay for it.) I can lose myself in the rhythm of the cards – whilst hopefully fighting off Alzheimers at the same time 😀

Wii Wish You a Merry Christmas


On Christmas morning, which was white as our snow remained, I was up first, as usual and had a couple of hours of peace before everyone else emerged for presents. Stephen did not want to get up early, but Raji was going to Church so we agreed on 9.15 am as present opening time. Now that the children are older, there are fewer presents to open and it’s all a bit less manic – which made it really enjoyable. We all sat around the living room with a pile of presents in front of us, and threw all the wrapping paper in to the middle of the floor – which Zeb and Zara absolutely loved and even Timmy had a little investigation later.


Videos (taken belatedly, but still fun) First is sideways on as I can’t fathom how to turn it round!

Kittens with wrapping
Zara with wrapping paper

We all received well chosen presents and were pleased with what we got.

Stephen’s main present from us was (as he’d requested) a leather desk chair for his room, his old one having been completely worn out. Despite the stress of it not being delivered until 12.45 pm Christmas Eve (preceded by a week of daily phone calls to the company to chase it) it was perfect – and it even kept Stephen amused for a while assembling it by himself 🙂 He also received money which he has spent on clothes on E-bay.


Nel had a couple of little bits to open, but mainly had money as there were a couple of things she knew she wanted. She has now bought both – an iPod Touch (mainly for her music but she likes a couple of other applications too) and a mini Netbook to take to and from school so that she can type instead of writing in her lessons. (This was an absolute bargain at £99 from our local £-Stretcher.)

Billy had a watch from me and seemed pleased with my choice from his shortlist of four possibilities, and he got books from Paul and from Raji, and a Waterstones voucher from Mum which he is really looking forward to spending. He did quite well for chocolate too!

I got my beautiful City away shirt from Billy – it’s gorgeous and I love it; books from Paul and from Raji – and perfect choices, they know me well 🙂 ; an Argos voucher from Mum to buy a new electric blanket which I desperately wanted; a hand painted stone and a carved candle in the shape of an Angel, from Nel; and several goodies for the bath, to drink or to eat from various friends.

City Away

Raji had some shoes, a photo-book of his 30th birthday celebrations, an overnight bag, a cricket shirt and various other bits and pieces – oh and chocolate too of course!

Afterwards, we cleared up (leaving a box for the cats to play with) and made a few phone calls to wish people a Happy Christmas. When Raji was at church, Billy and I prepared the dinner together, which was really companionable and fuss-free. With the meat being already cooked, Billy just carved it and it reheated in the oven whilst cooking the pigs-in-blankets, home-made stuffing, roast potatoes and roast veg. There was only the mash, sprouts and gravy to do on the hob, which was easy. Nel set the table, and we all sat down together when Raji returned at 1 pm. We had a very enjoyable dinner together – it’s so rare for us all to sit at the table as a family, and I loved it. Billy volunteered to wash up while I watched the Queen’s Speech (very short this year, it seemed) and then Raji and I set up our new family present – a Wii 🙂

Billy and I had seen this on special offer earlier in the year and we’d decided to buy it so that we could have a fun family Christmas doing something together. We had a great afternoon with it, playing the sports games: Bowling; golf; tennis and boxing. Billy was highly competitive which caused some amusement (especially with the golf game as he does play golf); I was absolutely hopeless at all the games, but had fun anyway; Stephen and Raji were fairly comfortable; but the runaway star was Nel. She won the bowling, golf and tennis with nonchalant ease, despite never having played before. After this, Billy and Raji had a go of the boxing game, though with just one nunchuck they had to play against the computer one at a time. It was exhausting to watch as they both gave it their all – Raji particularly, and it looked far too much like hard work after a Christmas dinner to me so I was happy to just observe.

When we’d finished playing, the TV went on – the same old reruns of “Only Fools and Horses” so I went up to sort my stuff for the next day, and came down again later as the programme finished. Nel wanted Coronation Street so we sat through that, eating cold bits and pieces, and I did my nails.

When I went to bed later, I thanked them all for humouring me and giving me my family Christmas which I’d wanted after us being apart last year. I’d had a lovely day and hope they did too – they all said they did, anyway.

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